He Spends Time With Your Dad

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Justin just propose to you about week ago and now your dad wants to know him he wants to spend time with Justin.

You couldn't blame him you were his only daughter. So you were his pride, joy, his entire universe.

He wanted to make sure his lil girl was with the right guy. And he was making sure Justin was the right guy.

"Justin! "you called while rapping on his door soon it's gonna be your door at your house. You didn't live with Justin.

You didn't want to have sex before marriage and if you lived with Justin you didn't t think that could be possible.

" Baby" Justin replied. He came and open the door. "How'd you know it was me? " You asked. "I know your voice Y/N."

You looked down on Justin and saw he was not ready to go with your dad. "Did you forget J?"

"Forget what? "Justin asked." You were gonna spend time with my dad he wants to know you. "You told him sounding very annoyed.

" Calm down Y/N I didn't forget. " He told while placing his hand on your shoulder.

" So why aren't you wearing a shirt." You asked him looking at his shirtless body.

You weren't really angry at how it look but it's your dad and your sure he doesn't wanna see Justin 's abbs.

"Ok I'll put on a shirt happy now?" Justin asked while reaching for a white shirt.

"Ok babe my dad told me when your ready just text him and you can come. "

" Alright I'm ready" Justin said. "Lets go" you said heading for the door.

"Your coming Y/N ?" Justin asked in shock.

"Babe I have to come but I won't be around yall too much. "

You had to come Justin would have probably make a fool out of himself, if you didn't.

The drive to your parents house was short. Justin lives kinda close. For the whole car ride he kept asking about your dad.

'Ding 'you rang your parents door bell." Y/N do you think your parents will like me? "Justin asked with pools of sweat running down his face.

" Justin calm down baby my mom loves you and I'm sure daddy's gonna love you too. "

" You think so? "he asked with hopeful eyes." Yes baby" you replied.

Your mom came the door. "Hi Y/N, hi Justin" she said.

"Hi mom "you replied.

" Hello Mrs. Y/L/N. "

" Come in "your said mom" where is dad? "You asked excited to see your dad and more importantly you wanted him to be with Justin.

" Um I'm a go and look for him upstairs. "Your mom said. Heading for the stairs.

" Oh who do we have here? " you heard a familiar voice announce. You looked back it was your older brothers Y/O/B/N and Y/O/Y/B/N.

" Oh my guys. "You said running to hug your brothers. They hugged you back and Justin was right next to you.

" And if it isn't the king of the nae nae? "Your oldest brother asked. "Stop! "You told him. We all know about Justin's nae nae attempts.

" Oh don't forget the shmoney" your other brother said "that one was priceless." And they started doing it.

You started laughing because they were doing it worse than Justin. "Stop" you said between laughs.

They continued" stop" you said again. They of course didn't. You looked at Justin and he looked like he wanted to laugh and a little embraced.

You tried to silence your brothers again. "Guys." you said then a familiar voice add.

" Stop!" It was your dad. "Daddy" you said running into your father's arms.

"Baby girl "your father said.

" Boys what are you doing in my house dancing like fools. "

You were wondering that too because they don't live with your parents.

" And who is this your dad?" asked touching Justin. "He's-" you were about to him but then he said he can talk for himself. "I'm Justin" he said.

"So you're the young man that's going to be with my daughter's husband? " your father asked.

" Yes sir" Justin said smiling and looking at you. "Ok everyone out here" dad said your brothers left and your mom.

You stood next to Justin. "You to Y/N" your dad said. "But daddy" you said. You didn't want to leave them alone just yet.

"Ok you can stay baby "your dad said." Ok Justin sit down "your dad said heading for the couch.

" So you think your good enough for my daughter? "your dad asked.

" Well sir I don't think any man will be good enough for her but I know I will treat her right and love her unconditionally."

"You better "your dad said." Ok Bieber we all know your a celebrity and all, so you can be with a lot of girls. "

" I know that but I only want to be with your daughter, that's why I want to marry her. "

" Seems like you got all the answers Bieber." Your dad said smiling.

"But you seem to have all questions sir. "Justin added. It was funny Justin was really doing good with your dad.

" Ok Bieber I saw something on the Internet about you making a racist joke. Care to explain yourself. "

" Dad he already -" you were going to explain to your dad until Justin said. "when I said that I was a child and I didn't know the meaning of words.

Well now I'm a man and I apologise for my foolish childish behavior."

"Ok cool, cool your forgiven." Thank you sir. "Justin said.

" Call me Y/D/N. "

" Ok Y/D/N Justin" said smiling. You were smiling too your so happy daddy likes Justin.

"Ok Justin let me show you how to do the nae nae." Your dad said.

"Oh Y/D/N I'm sure I can do it better than you. "You laugh cause ain't no way Justin can do it better than your daddy.

" We'll have to see about that. "Your dad said." Ok lets do it now." Justin said.

"Wait, wait first let me take a picture of you guys. "You said taking the picture with Justin's phone.

" Baby post it on instgram." Justin said "what's the caption?" You asked.

"Me and my new dad" Justin said looking at your dad.

"I'm happy your my new son" your dad said.

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