Caribbean Girl

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*Warning some Caribbean slang may be added *you can say whatever Caribbean country you like inside of Antigua if you want to.
Gyal - Caribbean slang for girl
Y/F- Your Friend

"Y/N I need you to run an errand for me baby."

"Ok mommy" you said.

You were just a simple Caribbean girl living in the Island of Antigua. You were a big belieber and you always wanted to see Justin, but we know that would never happen.

Today you were going to the beach with your girl.

Justin P. O. V.

"Dude you sure they ain't gonna know we're in Antigua? "I asked.

" I don't think so dude Antigua is a little private island ain't nobody gonna find out" Twist informed.

"I can't wait to see those hot Caribbean girls" Za said.

"Neither can" I Ryan said.

"I couldn't wait either I wanted to be on a beach without paparazzi for once" I said.

The plane finally land we were in Antigua.

"What beach are we going? "I asked.

" Jolly beach no one really goes unless there invited" Chaz explained.

Your P. O. V.

"What beach should we go? "you asked.
" Um probably Jolly beach it is your favourite and my uncle and get us in" said.

"Yeah that's true "you replied you guys just want to the beach you didn't live far. You loved the beach because it was really private and peaceful.

10 minutes later

You guys finally reached the beach. You couldn't see anyone there from where you were so you guess no one was there.

You heard a loud voice that screamed.

"Shit! "Who could that be you though. You had to find out.

" Y/F/N did you hear that?" you asked.

"Yeah was it you? ". Poor Nerisa

" Yeah it was me that's why I asked" you said frustrated.

You walked away and went in search for the voice then you heard even more voices.

"J. B dude ain't nobody here"you were behind a sea side grape tree and you sae the boy he was tall with black and brown skin, he looks ight.

But who's J. B you thought could it be oh no it couldn't, but je does look like one of his friends. Wait what was his name Zr no Zare no...

"Za" you heard a voice call. Yeah that was the name wait if he's Za and he just....

"Y/N! "you heard your friend called.

" Shhh" you told her in a low but stern whisper.

"Why we behind this tree gyal you hide from the feds? "she asked.

" No I'm looking at someone and keep your voice down" you told her.

"Who? "she asked.

" Look here" you said parting the tree leaves you and Y/F/N looked through it.

"Do you who that is? "you asked.

" That cute boy who hangs with that white boy you like Justin Beaver" she said.

"Um yeah beaver" you said to her did she just call him beaver.

"Do you what this means? "you asked.

" Nah ants a bite me" she said.

"Just stand there" you said you really wanted to see Justin.

"Ok J. B let's go in the water "another boy said who recognised as Chaz.

" Ok let's go in the water" a you told Y/F. 

"Finally "she said letting go of a sigh.

You waited until Justin entered the water to go in. You walked in and the eyes grew wide out of surprise.

" Um hi" Za said.

"Hi "you replied. Then you took off your short shorts so that you were fully in your swimsuit.

They all watched you and Y/F. You felt nervous but you felt as long as the Caribbean breeze blew nothing would stop you.

Justin was watching you and he did the stare smile then look away thing.

You smiled back then he came closer to you or so you think it could br the water getting smaller.

Wait that's not possible right. You started breathing uneasily it's Justin Bieber your crush since secondary school.

He looked so handsome he's water hair fit perfectly on his sexy hot body he had an eight pack. Shit he's hot.

He out stretch he's hand to you.

"Hi I'm Justin Bieber "

Mavado:Caribbean Girl is a good song and that fits in with this.

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