Your Coming With Me

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"Bitch" my boyfriend screamed from across the room. Yes he was talking to me, you may asked
Why is she with him?


My mother and died when I was born and I was left with my dad to take care of me, but he tried to rape me when I was 15. Well I'm 16 now and I have a boyfriend John. John promised to love right. Sadly all he does is beat me up physically and mentally. I can't leave him I have know one and after he's finished beating me he says he loves me and that's all I need LOVE.
End of Story

"Bitch come! "John shouted.

" I told you I'm not a bitch" I said defending myself.

"Well your sure look like one" he said dragging me by my head.

He dragged me to the bedroom.

"Your like a bitch because the only thing you can do good is spread your legs "John said.

" What the fuck are you talking about? "you asked you two never had sex so John must be crazy.

" I need you to buy something" he said.

"What is it "you asked .

" Cigarettes" he said.

"Why can't you buy it? "you asked then flopped on the bed.

" Because I fucked the owners daughter and now he's acting like a bitch, because she may be pregnant" he said like it was nothing.

"Um excuse me? "you asked how could he just have sex with some one else and have the heart to tell you and not apologise.

" You know I love you" he said.

He knows only those words could make you happy they would make you obey his every wim.

He then placed a kiss on your check.

And said please with puppy dog eyes.

"Ok I'll go, but I need a ride" you said.

You and John walked out of his house and into his car.

5 minutes later

We finally reached the store.
You walked out of the car and you felt like eyes were on you.

Justin P. O. V

I saw her come out of her dip shit boyfriend's car.

I don't want her to hurt any more she's coming with me.

I know I could just asked to be with her the regular way but I'm in a gang she'll probably leave me when she finds out.

I got out of my car and processed to the shop.

But I saw her a$$ for a boyfriend watching me.

"Who the fuck you looking at? "I asked completely pissed. I mean he has the best girl ever and he treats her like shit.

" You, what you gonna do about it whitey? "he asked. I grabbed he's dumb ass out of the car and just kept through punches.

I left him on the ground bleeding he'll probably just bleed to death. He should die anyways.

I walked into to the shop with my gun and mask.

Your P. O. V

" Every one put your hands up" a guy with a mask said.

"Put your hands up "he repeated.

I can't believe this is happening.
Why does bad things always happen to me.

I tried to hold back my tears.

" You "he said pointing his finger directly to me. He indicated for me to come close.

I walked up to him and then he hugged me reaching for my waist and whispered into my ear" your coming with me. "

We walked out of the store he had the  gun at my head I couldn't run what's the point anyway.

He place me into his car.

" Who are you? "I asked with tears in my eyes I didn't even know I could cry.

" I'm your night and shining amour, your future husband, the best sex pattern you'll ever have but you can call me....

Justin Bieber "

Yeah Justin Bieber the worst criminal in the country.

Ohh my gosh gangster Bieber. Thanks for voting love y'all
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