The Devil's Daughter by CHIXAAA_
The Devil's Daughterby CHIXAAA_
"I'll let you go tonight Amore, despite your lies. I've decided to stay in town for a while longer so I am...positive that we'll be together again. Goodnight, Adrie...
  • devil
  • europe
  • business
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Little Chocolate Love by SaskiaGriffith
Little Chocolate Loveby Saskia Griffith
This story is about a girl name Miracle who thought she was normal but she wasn't she discover that she has magic And she is a princess yes she is a princess her father...
  • interracial
  • fantasy
  • maxhamiliton
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Affairs Of The Heart (+18) by QxeenAbii
Affairs Of The Heart (+18)by Gvlden._pine
Two people. Enter Luca Donario, CEO of a multi billion dollar company, a king in the business empire, playboy with insanely good looks, a man with more secrets than a co...
  • marriage
  • romance
  • love
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Out of my shell |BWWM| ✅  by bish_drip
Out of my shell |BWWM| ✅ by 🌼 Ṿ Ï Ḅ Ệ 🌼
Jacqueline Sanders is an underaged tattoo artist who is very quiet but she's still in high school, she's your average goodie two shoes. Jackie has a tattoo sleeve yet sh...
  • love
  • angel
  • selfharm
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SimpleMinded  by KittenWoman99
SimpleMinded by KittenWoman99
"You can't do nothing for yourself?" She shakes her head while looking at her feet, "Look at me and answer me with your words." She slowly looks up...
  • bwwm
  • slowromance
  • slowlove
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The Mafia's Queen by DabbQveen26
The Mafia's Queenby KJ
Nariah Williams always work for what she wanted. She never had anything handed to her on a silver platter. Her past relationships weren't the absolute best, they all end...
  • children
  • interracial
  • trust
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Rapacious Lover by Thailani_
Rapacious Loverby Thailani❤️
He was cold, distant and was riddled with psychopathic tendencies, but had a soft spot for his deliciously thick best friend. She wanted to be more than 'best friends'...
  • possessive
  • mature
  • mafia
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👑 His Curvy Queen 👑 by lena1125
👑 His Curvy Queen 👑by lena1125
I'm all over the place in this story. 😄😓😢😧😨😩🙄😴😁😂😉😋😍😘😇🤗💖💙💚❤💓💔💋💟💞💝💜💛 This story is about a girl named Amina & her aunt Violet who are both in hi...
  • king
  • mafia
  • curvy
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Obsessed by therealdarkbeauty
Obsessedby sbj
"You think that you get to just leave me, you get to just stop answering phone calls and text messages.", he asked with a hint of sarcasm. I sighed, "Look...
  • interracial
  • controlling
  • bwwm
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His Belonging (BWWM) by Sarahchani9
His Belonging (BWWM)by Sarah sehunnie
"Yes I am and no bambina (babygirl) I can't let you go you're mine and I get attached to my BELONGINGS and won't let go even if it'll be the death of me I won't let...
  • firststory
  • italian
  • onlyhis
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His by libra_babe101
Hisby libra_babe101
She was lonely She wanted someone to calm the storm inside. She had waited for him for over 300 years. And when she finally found him... She wanted to be(kinda)..... H...
  • mythology
  • angel
  • mate
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Leo's Kitten by SippingTeaSlowly
Leo's Kittenby SippingTeaSlowly
  • romance
  • teenage
  • kidnapped
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Annabelle's Will  by LeeleeKez
Annabelle's Will by Lily Orevba
Annabelle remembers her slavery. It is of no relevance that Elijah Finley; the man who bought her and took her home with him, treats her with great kindness. It is of no...
  • cleanlove
  • london
  • inheritance
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The Butler and I (BWWM)✔ by judelineclenord
The Butler and I (BWWM)✔by Joude
He walks up to me and stares at me. He then grabs my waist and slams his lips into mine. He pulls away slowly, he connects our foreheads, our nose touching. I could hear...
  • chicklit
  • powerfulwoman
  • wbbg
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 The D'Amours (BWWM) by Bae_1999
The D'Amours (BWWM)by J.J
***MATURE CONTENT**** ***WARNING IS ADVISED** ***LOTS OF SEXUAL SCENES** We have a favor to ask?" they said at the same time. That's kinda creepy I thought . I nodd...
  • romance
  • betrayal
  • kidnap
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Wanted By Mr. CEO (Slowly Editing) by Da-Ambiverted-kween
Wanted By Mr. CEO (Slowly Editing)by Ane Addison
Winter Hills had a rough past. She had an abusive and controlling boyfriend. Her job was poorly paying and the only person she could count on was her cousin Victoria. Ry...
  • werewolf
  • winter
  • completed
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Yes, Master by Thebookworm1738
Yes, Masterby Thebookworm1738
"Shut up" He moved back eyeing me lustfully. I stood there nervously but didn't say anything. "Strip" I looked up at him like he was crazy but before...
  • bwwm
  • master
Beautiful Parasite (interracial) by Almighty_Emoji
Beautiful Parasite (interracial)by hi, im Cece :3
Cotains Rated R scenes. Not edited.
  • bwwm
  • romance
  • interracial
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To Be Free of Pain by asiahello79f3
To Be Free of Painby Roses Lolli
~ I never knew I would be "That Girl," the girl who was once a woman, who could take on the world and seek freedom at every turn to end on my knees with a brok...
  • bbw
  • urban
  • interracial
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Until I Found You  by summerdreamin
Until I Found You by n.a. mills
Nadia Washington spent majority of her life in an overly strict household, being the last child, her parents wanted to protect her from the world and keep her home as lo...
  • blackgirl
  • temptation
  • mature
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