Try Braiding "Daddy's Gonna Do It"

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"Y/N are you here? "Justin asked.

You just came from the salon you just got your hair in braids. It was a little tight but you always got your hair done like this is it wasn't a big deal.

"Y/N "Justin called again.

" Yes Justin "you said.

You saw a shirtless Justin with your baby girl Y/D/N.

Well she wasn't really a baby she was five but Justin sure treat her like one.

" Is she sleeping? "you asked.

" I don't know "Justin said. He looked back on her and she closed her eyes.

" I think she's faking you told him. "

" Well we'll just have to see" he said then he started tickling Y/D/N.

She started laughing. "Daddy, daddy stop" she said between giggles.

"I thought you were sleeping baby" Justin said.

"Well Justin she's not sleeping so you can give her a break" you said playfully hitting his chest.

"Mommy" your daughter said hopping into my arms. "Hi baby" you said.

"Mommy" Justin said hugging you then looking you over again.

"I like your braids" Justin said." You think I could do my hair in braids. "

" NO NEVER! "you shouted" if you ever braid your hair I'm leaving you moving to England and changing my name. "

Justin laughed" ok can you tell me how to braid hair? "

" Ok baby you take some of your real hair and the braids and start moving them together in your hand, so basically you will be plaiting it."

"Can I try it? "he asked." Well on who you? "asked.

" Well I was hoping, you he said. "Well don't bring your hopes up" you said.

"You can try it on Y/D /N. " You called her "yes mommy" she said.

"Daddies gonna do your hair."

She didn't protest she was a big daddy's girl.

"Ok Justin start" you said.

He started braiding her hair with a little bit of your guidance he did it well.

"That looks good daddy" Y/D /N said.

Holding the mirror to see how she looked.

"Yeah it kind of looks good Justin. "you said.

" It looks amazing" he said.

"Yea it looks amazing" you said.

"So can I do yours? "he asked.

" Maybe some day" you said while laughing.

I decided to write this one thanks to Mia. I still take requests so thank all you guys who vote and read. I love you guys very much:) :) :)

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