Sex Slave Part 2

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5 years after and married

"Blah "you threw up into the toilet bowl.

Justin ran in after to you rubbing your back.

" Babe are you okay? "he asked.

" Um Justin did you use a condom last night? "you asked.

" Yeah I did, "he said.

You couldn't understand why you were throwing up.

" Maybe we should go to the doctor, "he suggested.

The doctor you hate doctors. They're always smile and people only go to the doctor when they're sick and you weren't.

" I'm ok Justin, "you said.

" You sure? "he asked.

" Yeah I'm alright, "I said. You brushed your teeth. Then head back to bed.

Justin came cuddling next to you.

Then you heard a buzz.

" Oh I got to go, "Justin said.

" Ok I'll be ready for you when you get him, "you said.

You watched as he put on a new shirt then left.

After he left you ran back into the bathroom.

You can't get what's happening Justin wore a condom.

Then you saw the rapper on the ground.

Shit it tore!

Haha forgot I had to make a part 2. Sorry love y'all!

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