I Want To Be More Than Just Friends

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You and Justin are friends but you like him more than that.

You don't want to tell him because it might end your friendship.

"Get your butt out of my face Justin" you playing basketball with your best friend.

"Well if you try to make a shot maybe it won't be in your face as much."

"Haha you know I'm just making you win" you told him crabbing the ball out of his hands and shoot it through the basket.

"OK timeout "Justin said.

"Ohh does Bieber feel bad ?"you asked fake pouting.

"You know you ain't that good" he said.

It was just you and him you told him you didn't want anyone with you guys .

"Hi Y/N I like hanging around with just you alone."

"Justy!! "You heard a farmilar voice call.

It was Selena she hates you well because you were Justin's female friend.

Justin wasn't even dating her so I was wondering why she was here.

"What are you doing here ? "Justin asked her.

"To visit you silly "she told him.

"Why ?"he asked .

"Well because your my boyfriend."

"What the I'm not your boyfriend. I'm not even your friend "Justin told her.

"Justy don't say that "she begged Justin.

"He said he doesn't like you "you told her calmly.

"Was I talking to you ?"she asked me yelling.

Ohh this girl doesn't know who she's missing with .

"Well I'm talking to you " you told her.

"Selena just leave" Justin said.

"So your backing that bitch up now?" she asked.

"Who the fuck are you calling a bitch?" You asked I was jumping to get her neck but Justin hold you back.

"Why are you so upset do you like him ?"she asked and that question calmed you down .You came her to tell Justin you like him .

"Leave Selena" she left .

"Finally "Justin said.

"Can you believe her ?"he asked.

You tried to answer Justin but he kept on talking.

"She said you like me can you believe that ?"he asked.

"Well Justin I do" you said.

Sorry I didn't update in a while. Great news I'm making Mr.Bieber a book the leading girl is .......... You got to read it to know. Thank y'all for voting . Love y'all. Oh I love the pic wish I could have one tho.

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