My Plus Size Beauty Part 3

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              Next Day (party day)

Today was the day of the big party. You were kind of nervous but not too much because you have Justin.

Justin said he was gonna pick you up for the party but right now you just entered school.

You walked straight to your locker and saw all eyes on you.
You felt quite uneasy.

Y/B/F/N came to your locker.

"Y/B/F/N why is everyone watching me? "you asked.

" Well you are dating Justin Bieber" she said.

"So? " you asked completely confused, so what if you were dating Justin, you forgot he's the most popular boy in this school and me    Y/N is dating him.

" I understand Y/B/F/N" you said then shot your locker.

You saw everyone's attention turn to the door.

Who was it?

Ohh Justin he looked amazing as usual and he was coming towards you.

"Hi Justin" you said.

"Hi baby" Justin said. He gave you a hug then you heard a round of awwww from the crowd that was watching you two.

You hugged him back embracing his warmth and he smelt like vanilla.

"Ahh J. B coach needs you" Za said to Justin.

Justin pulled away from the hug and said "by babe."

"Bye Justin "you said as he walked away.

You then saw the  wicked witch of high school Chesly.

She walked right up to you, you didn't feel nervous she wasn't all that anyway.

" Look what we have here fatarrella" she said barely people laughed because ain't know body got time for her.

"If it isn't the elevator you just like an elevator because you open to everyone " you said earning a high five from, Y/B/F/N and everyone in the crowd laughed.

" Sooo I heard something about you dating my man fatty" she said.

"Um first I'm not fat I'm thick and if he's you man why is he with me?" you asked.

"With you I have to see this for real" she said then walked away.

                         Party Time

"Y/N hurry up the boy's gonna be here soon! "your mom yelled.

" Just wait mom! "you shouted back you didn't even get to finish your hair yet and your mom was sweating you.

'Ding Dong 'you heard the door bell ring you were just about finished doing your hair.

" Who is it? "you asked your mom.

" Justin" she said.

"Ok" you said then finish the rest of your hair.

You place your shoes on your feet and ran down the stairs.

"I'm ready "you said then you saw Justin at the door he's so handsome.

" You look amazing" Justin said.

"Thank you, you look horrible" you joked.

"Ohh but I tried so hard" he fake pouted.

"Um you ready to go? "he asked.

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