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Sex Slave Part 4

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Ok so you're pregnant and you know it takes two to make a child and you're going threw this all by yourself.

Justin keeps saying that he's going to his mom, but you know that's not true.

You believe he's cheating. You are gonna get to the bottom of it.

Justin's P. O. V.

"Tell Martin I want my fucking money, "I said.

I'm here cursing this ass on my phone. I know I should be home with Y/N but I have to make money.

This is the last drop I want my child to never have to work again.

It's two o'clock in the morning and I'm coming home. I know she's gonna be at my ass.

I put on the light hoping that Y/N wasn't up, but she was. She was just sitting on the chair.

You again

"Justin I've been here waiting for your ass where have you been? "you asked.

He scratch his head.

" No where important *"he said and he took off his jacket.

"So that's your answer, "I asked where you've been you said.

" Okay okay just doing a little dealing, "he said like it was nothing. This idiot told you he quit.

" Justin you are so -, "but that thought was cut off." Oh shit my water broke, "you said.

" For real babe, "Justin asked. Dumb ass question.

" No for pretend, "you said furious.

" Okay let me get you into the car, "he said.

At Hospital

You on the bed with your legs open. Breathing heavy as hell. You were going through to many painful contractions.

You actually hurt Justin's hand. Asshole deserved it. He's the jack ass that tore the condom.

" Push on three Mrs. Bieber, "the doctor said.

" 1,2,3"

"Ahhhhhh! "you screamed.

" We can see the head just do it again. "

" 1,2,3"

"Shit! "you screamed you then heard crying from a beautiful baby and the doctors told you it was a boy.

" What should we name him? "Justin asked.

" Let's name him Justin Drew Bieber, "you said and gave him a kiss.

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