Who's Your Friend?

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"Where you going?" Justin asked.

"Out with my girls, "you said.

" Who all? "he asked.

Is this a dam interview? What's with the questions?

" Um Janell, Angel, Angela and um Selena, "you said softly.

You really didn't hate her one of your girls and her are friends then she introduced you two and y'all started to be good friends.

Justin doesn't know.

" Who was the last person? "he asked.

You didn't say it loud enough for him to hear.

" Um Selena, "you mumbled.

" I can't hear you, "he said getting up coming closer to you.

"I said SELENA Justin! "you shouted.

"What you're hanging out with my EX! "he screamed.

"Yeah Justin, you guys may have broke up but I don't hate her, "you said.

"What you're my wife you're supposed to like what I like hate what I hate break up with what/whom I break up with, "he said.

"Justin you sound ridiculous. What am I gonna do sleep with her? "you asked.

"Well you could've and if you do send the video to me, "he said.

"Justin you're an idiot! "

Yeah you are. Hi I have a friend that loves Selena and I think she's ight okay stop hating the girl. Love y'all next chapter? Any ideas?

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