March Masquerade Part Two

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Zonnique "Miss Star"  P. O. V

"Girl we need to go" Bahja said.

"Um no I need to go back" I said completely angry.

"But if you don't come back your paps is gonna kill you" Bearunna said.

"Let him kill me" I said running back to the club.

"She's crazy "Bearunna said.

Justin P. O. V

I just have to guess the number one more time I said punching my guess as to what it could be.

" Dude we have to go "Za said.

" Why? "I asked.

" Um your party's over "he said.

But I didn't get to find Miss Star."

"What is he talking about?  Twist. asked/ whispered.

"I don't know" Za whispered back.

"Dude we have to go "Za said again.

" Why are we going to Miss Star? "I asked.

" Who "Chaz asked.

" I don't know "Za said.

" We got to leave" Za said again.

"Ok dude "I said giving in.

Zonnique Miss Star P. O. V

I'm almost at the club.

I can see the lights.

I see a group of boys heading outside.

It's him I just know it's him.

I ran even fast.

Justin P. O. V

I wanted to wait on Miss Star but Za and the other guys keot pushing me out.

I saw a girl running its........

"Miss Star! "I shouted.

" Who? "Ryan asked.

" I don't know "Za said.

" Justin "she said running to me.

" Miss Star" I heard some guy in a car scream.

Zonnique "Miss Star P. O. V

" Paps" I said.

"Zonnique your going home with me" he said.

"But paps" I said.

"No butts" he said.

I tired to run pass him and I succed.

Justin P. O. V

"Justin why are you still standing here? "Khalil asked.

" I saw her" I said.

"Dude she's not here "he said.

We walked into the limo.

I looked out the window and saw a girl running.

" Stop the car....  It's Miss Star. "

Yeah I made a part two sorry for taking so long love you guys. Keep voting I still take requests:-) and if you're also a one direction I have  preferences for them to and Austin Mahone :-) :-)

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