Sex Slave

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H/O/Y/A- How Old You Are

Y/P/O/B- Your Place Of Birth

"Mom you're doing what?" you asked completely shocked.

"I'm sorry baby, "she said with tears descending down her cheeks. You can't believe she's going to sell you to the country's wrost criminal.

" Why mom? "you asked. You can't even believe you're calling this woman mom.

" Well your dad is kinda in a gang and he bored some money from Bieber and he can't pay him back," she said.

"But what does that have to do with me? "you asked.

" He threatened to kill your dad. So he said he'll give him something better than his life and he thought of you baby. I'm sorry he can't die he's the bread winner in this house, "she said.

How could she? You just ran to your room and packed you're stuff your gonna someone's sex slave.

You sat on the bed and started crying

" Baby you have to come out now," you heard a voice that sound like your mom call you out.

You didn't respond. Why would you stay in this hell hole. You were already being abused never rape or anything but just they would beat you very bad and call you hurt full things.

You ran out the door and down the stairs with your suitcase in your hand.

"He's here, "you heard your dad say.

You walked to the door and saw the black ferrari. You looked back and saw your mom's arm stretched out as if she was waiting for a hug you just slammed the door in her face and walked outside.

At Mr. Bieber House

" I'm really not gonna abuse you or any shit, "he said.

You were very relieved to hear that.

" So what do I have to do? "you asked. He put his hand on his chin in a thinking position.

" I guess I don't have to do any work around here so you can do it, "he said with a smirk.

Oh well it's just him. I hope he's not very messy.

" You won't have to much I don't make a lot of mess, "he said. I think I've been saved. I don't have to have sex with him. I don't have to clean much and his house is huge.

I think I'll like this better than my house.

" So tell me about yourself, "he said. I looked at him as he poured something out of a mug.

" You want anything to drink, "he asked.

Nah I'm fine I replied.

" Well I'm H/O/Y/A I'm from Y/P/O/B and I love puppies, babies and sponge bob. "

He laughed." I like sponge bob to I've got a T. V in the other room you can watch it if you want, "he said.

You smiled got up and walked to the other room.

" So why did you think your dad sold you? "he asked. Your heart stop a little at that question.

" Well he couldn't pay you and yeah he said he had to sell me, "you informed him.

" He's an asshole. Who does that to there kid? "he asked.

You actually like this guy may he can be a friend or maybe even more than that.

You were so busy in your thoughts you didn't see him go get the phone.

" That was the gang I'm leaving babe" he said.

Wait babe.

"Um babe? "you asked.

" I'm not gonna rape you or shit like that but your cute and you're mine so, "he said with a smirk.

" What I'm yours are you sure? "you asked.

" Oh I'm sorry do you want to be my girlfriend? "he asked.

You giggled." I don't know I just meet you give me some time to think, "you said.

" Whatever your still mine, "he mumbled.

Um what you asked.

Nothing he said then head outside.

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