First Time *dirty * Part 2

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"Justin I'm still a virgin" you said with tears pouring down your checks.

You were so embarrassed that you ran off his lap and into the corner and cried.

Then you felt some hand touch you it was Justin.

"Y/N baby" Justin said while rubbing your arm trying to comfort you.

"I'm sorry Justin" you said between sniffles.

"For what?" He asked

"Look at me Y/N "Justin said raising your face with his finger.

" Baby I don't care if you're a virgin."He told you.

"But what if I don't do it right? "you asked.

He laughed then said" I'll guide through it baby girl. "

You got up from the corner with Justin holding your hand.

He started looking at you so you smiled.

You then pressed your lips on his.

He started sucking your tounge.

Then he cramped your ass.

And you gasp and he stuck his tongue down your throat.

You moan into his mouth and felt him smirking.

Then you guys feel on the bed.

You got nervous.

He started tugging at the hem of your shirt and you assumed he wanted you to just take it off.

So you did he started smiling, but that made you even more nervous

He took his shirt off too.

His abbs are to die for. You licked your lips at the sight of it.

He started attacking your neck with his mouth.

"Justin "you moaned.

" Moan my name baby" he commanded.

He started stroking your sides. That turned you on even more.

Then just to tease you he started playing with your lace panties while rubbing your woman hood.

"Mmm Justin just take them you!"moan/yell.

"Somebody's excited" he said while giggling.

He hovered over you and whispered in your ears "if I take yours off you take mine off."

"Ok" you said a little shakey.

"I'll go first" you said.

"Ok fine by me babe. "You took of his pants and show a huge bulk in his pants.

He was left in his boxers. You gotta take those off too" he said.

You laughed then took them off.

Your eyes popped out of your head as you looked at his huge man hood.

"You like what you see? "he asked.

You wanted to play with him so you said" no." He laughed and said" I'll have you screaming out my name babe. "

You laughed" my turn "he said. You were really nervous at this point but its Justin.

He took your panties off. And use his finger to rub your woman hood.

" Mmm Justin "you moan he then you his free hand to unclasped your bra after he threw it somewhere in the room.

He stopped ever thinking he was doing and looked into your eyes. His eyes, those beautiful hazel things were to kill for.

" Baby are you ready? "he asked.

You thought to yourself should I say no but it was Justin everything's gonna be alright.

" Yeah baby" you said with a smile on your face. He kissed your lips.

Then positioned himself." Baby if it hurts too much just tell me to stop ok."

"Ok "you replied.

He pushed his length inside of you. It wasn't even all of him and you were almost in tears.

" Baby do you want me to stop? "he asked." No just keep going" you didn't want him to stop you knew it would turn to pleasure so.

And about five minutes later the pain was gone.

"Faster Justin" you yelled/moaned.

He went extremely fast.

But it felt so good you wanted more.

So tight he said.

"Faster, faster Justin "and at this time he thurst his entire length in you.

" Oh my gosh Justin! "you shouted at the top of your lungs.

" Moan my name baby "he said. Just to play with him you didn't.

And then he went so fast the bed started to rock and it was a king size bed.

" Ohh" you said trying not to say his name.

"Say my name baby. "He went even faster you didn't even thought that was possible and he kept hitting your g-spot.

" Justin, Justin, Justin" you said at the top of your lungs.

He started smirking.

And after a couple more rough thursts.

He said "ohhh baby I'm almost there."

"Me too "you said.

You both cum at the same time.

And he feel on the bed and you laid on his chest.

" I told you, you would say my name no you didn't say my name you screamed it out load." Justin said

You laughed then kissed him.

"I love you a Mr. Bieber. "

" I love you Mrs. Bieber. "

You kissed again then you both feel asleep.

I'm soooo sorry I didn't do this earlier you know how it is. I hoped you like it. I would just like to thank all the people who vote for this book love yall very much. I take requests so comment on if it's on your mind:) :) :)

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