Puppy Love

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Your five year old daughter finally came home from school and Justin was more than excited to see her come home.

Uncle Twist was bringing her home he lived next to you so he always brings her home.

"Daddy, mommy! "she screamed running through the door." How was school? "Justin asked.

" Wonderful I can't wait to go back tomorrow "she said. Today was Friday so tomorrow wasn't school it was relax day/ church (church for seven day adventist).

" But mommy I want to see him! "your daughter screamed.

" Wait who's him? "you asked.

" Michael "she said.

" Wait Michael as in uncle Twist's son? "Justin asked.

" Yeah" she said excited.

"Ohh but baby he lives near us you can just invite him over" you said with a smile.

Justin phone then rang his message tone.

"Who was it baby? "you asked.

" It was Twist, Michael wants to see Y/D /N too" Justin inquire.

"Oh ok so just tell Twist to bring him over" you said.

"Ok" Justin said then you guys heard a knock on the door.

"Who is it? "Y/D /N asked.

" It's me Michael "small voice said.

Then Justin walked up and open the door Y/D/N ran into Michael's arm the both hugged each other.

" Um back up" Justin said sternly to Michael. You looked at Justin with 'the boy don't let me hurt you' face.

Justin walked over to you and asked.

"Can I talk to you in the kitchen? "

You nod yes and walked in the kitchen and Justin started yelling.

" I can't let just her run into his arm she's my baby girl she's supposed to do that to me! "

" Justin stop being a baby she'll always love you more than anything just grow up" you said.

"You see that's the problem, everyone's gonna grow up including my baby girl and who's gonna love me? "he asked on a sad note. Wait are you just chopped liver.

" You have me Justin" you said.

He then playful said" I don't want you "you laughed knowing that it was just a joke, he laughed too.

" Ok let's go back in the living babe" you told Justin. He got a little too excited and smack your butt.

You look back him sternly and said "stop. "

You walked in the living room and saw Y/D/N and Michael playing toys together.

10 minutes later

" Bye Michael "you said.

" Bye Mrs. Bieber and Mr. Bieber" he replied .

"Bye Michael" Justin said "bye Twist" Justin said.

"Later dude" Twist said.

Then Y/D/N and Michael said there good-byes then the hugged each other. Soo cute.

Justin looked so hurt. Then she shut the door and Y/D/N came in.

"Baby was your play date fun? "you asked.

" It wasn't a date" Justin whispered.

You didn't answer him.

"It wasn't a date ma, I don't like boys, they nasty" Y/D/N said. That made Justin grow a big grin on his face.

"The only boy I like is daddy" she said running into his arms then Justin brought her close to his face and gave him a kiss.

You just smiled. "I wanna go to the bathroom daddy" Y/D/N said.

"Ok Justin" said then he allowed her to go he then came next to you on the couch and said she said" she only loves me. "

We all love daddy Bieber right. Ok sorry I didn't update. Please vote and I hoped you liked it love y'all. Um if you got any requests send them to me. Love my readers and Justin's beliebers.

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