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Meeting Your Husband

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You were at a local coffee at in your home town checking your instagram feed.

"Oh my gosh Justin's album will be out in three days! "you squealed to your friend.

They weren't beliebers and they didn't even like hearing about the dude.

" He doesn't even know you exist, "Y/B/F/N said.

" So I'll see him one day," I said.

"See who? "your other friend asked.

" She wants to see Justin Bieber, "Y/B/F said.

" Well he's outside so that may be her only chance. S"he's always making dumb jokes so she didn't even pay her any mind.

"Aren't you going to him? "she asked. You just rolled your eyes.

" I'm serious, "she said. You know she was lying so you just got up and walked -

Oh my gosh. She told the truth. You controlled your breath then walked over to him.

You saw him talking to some fan and when she moved you walked up.

" Are you Justin Bieber? "you asked making sure it wasn't no look alike.

" Yeah and you are? "he asked jokingly.

" Your Future wife, "you said serious.

" Okay wifey wanna take a picture? "he asked and you took your picture together.

Okay short right.

Love y'all.

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