My Plus Size Beauty

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Your fat my mom shouted.

Mom you told me that you'll always love but you lied you said with tears pouring down your face.

I would never love a fat bitch like you she said.

"Wake up, wake Y/N your! "mom shouted.

You started to cry.

" Why are you crying? "your mother asked.

" Nothing" you lied.

"Well go take a shower and I'll make your breakfast" your mother said.

You did as was told.

"Y/N what do you want for breakfast?" your mother asked.

"Um not much" you said you know you were fat and everyone at school mocked you, you were trying to loose some weight.

"You sure your? "mom asked.

" Yeah" you said.

At School

"Ohh look at what the fat police brought in" Chelsy the most popular girl in school said.

"Well I think she needs to lay of the fries "Teresa said.

" She's such a fat bitch" Joshua said. Jousha was Teresa boyfriend but even knows he was sleeping with Chesly because she sleeps with everyone.

"Just leave her alone guys" someone said.

They were all crowded around you so you didn't see who it was.

"Why Justin? "Chesly asked.

Ohh it was Justin, Justin Bieber the most popular guy in the school he wasn't dating anyone but Chesly sure wanted him.

'Dinggg' the bell rang and Chesly and her crew left. You went to your locker and took out your books.

You were heading to class when you felt a hand on your arm next thing you knew you were tackled to the ground.

You fell on your face and tried to get back up but someone placed a foot on your back.

"Bitch I don't like" you a familiar voice said.

She then told you to get up you immediately got up but you didn't get to run she had to guys have a tight grip on your arms.

"Put her in the closest" she said. She meant the janitor closest the worst placed in the school.

Before the guys through you in the closest she said" keep away from my man. "

" What? "you asked confused. One she didn't have a mwn two why would her man even look at you.

" Your not just fat your dumb "she said" I'm talking about Justin foul I know you like him and it's obvious he likes you for some fucking reason" she cursed.

Then she shut the door.

You started to cry there's no way Justin likes you and more importantly your never getting out of here.

"Help, help! "you screamed.

No answer.

" Why did I have to be so fat? "you asked out aloud.

" Why did I have to be born? "

" Why am I alive? "

Then you look at the concern and saw a knife.

This will have to do you thought.

" But I can't what about my mom? "

" She'll just have to forgive me."

You then held the knfe close to your throat shaking with tears pouring down your face.

The knife was so close to your throat until......

"Justin" you said in shock then dropped the knife.

"Y/N you can't do that "he said.

" Why? "you asked.

" Well because um..... I like you. "

Um should I make a part two :-) :-) well someone needs to teach Chesly a lesson. I'm not plus size but shout out to my plus size girls. And tonze of love. Thanks love y'all :-) :-)

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