New School

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Chantelle's P. O. V.

I felt uncomfortable as I sat in this chair. It's a new school and a new country.

It's my first day and people keep talking about my skin. I saw to girls give me weird looks.

Also some group of girls called me names. I hate that I look like this. I tried to put on some make but I didn't get to finish she it isn't hiding.

"Good morning class, sorry I'm late," I saw an old with purple thick glass in a long dress say.

She's probably the math teacher.

"We have a new student, "she said. While standing behind her desk.

" Miss. Brown-Young, " she said. I just raised my hand. I heard laughing and whispering. I guess I'm that ugly.

" Ok let's start"......

Justin's P. O. V.

The guys and I were heading to class from basketball practice. No we didn't skip. We having a game coming up so we're excused from classes.

I walked into the class to see my grandmother teaching. She's retired but my mom was sick so she just filled in.

"Hello boys, "she said as we entered the class.

" Hi grandma Bieber, "the guys said as we went to our seats. I went to sit in my seat when I saw someone sitting in it.

Dam she's beautiful.

I sat next to her instead and Martin sat next me. I really don't like him.

" Hi I'm Justin, "I said to the girl. She looked so shy. Her head was buried into ger desk.

" I'm Chantelle, "she said.

" Um Chantelle that name sounds sexy, "I said. I show her smile.

" So you can actually smile? "I asked.

" Yeah it's just that your school hasn't given me much to smile about, "she said. I know she had to be new.

" Oh so you don't like my school, "I asked.

" No I don't hate it, it's just that no one is nice to me here. I miss my school in Canada, "I said.

" Oh you're from Canada. I'm from Canada too what part -"

I got cut off by Martin. Who had a smart ass remark to say.

"Dude why you talking to her she looks like a rainbow. With some many colours, like what's up with her skin-he asked .

"Shut the fuck up! "I screamed cutting him off I realised she was listening.

" Um Mr. Bieber, "grandma said.

I bowed my head and apologize.

I saw Chantelle head bowed down.

" I'm sorry for what he said, "I told her. We were talking while grandma was teaching.

" It's OK I'm used to it here, "she said her voice cracking up.

" But you're so beautiful, "I said.

Ok Love Chantelle guys. Ok it was test time so I wasn't posting. I'm gonna finish all my books and write until summer ends.

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