He's Not A Nerd Part 2

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"Not that one," Y/B/F said. You took out a blue dress from the closet you were completely upset you've been doing this for two hours.

"Why can't you choose one? "you asked.

" Because they're all ugly, "she said.

You growled and sat on the bed as she took up another dress.

" Ok wear this, "she said talking out a read dress.

" Ok, "you said and you placed it on. You already had your hair done.

You went down stairs to your mother.
You sat on your dining room chair.

" When is this hot boy coming? "your mom asked.

" He isn't traditionally hot but it's what's in the inside that counts, "you said.

" I know you're just bluffing he has to be hot, "she said.

" No not really mom, "you replied.

Ding dong you heard a door bell ring.

" He's hot I know it, "she said.

" Someone open the door! "she shouted.

You saw your sister come done from the stairs growling.

She opened the door and your mouth completely hang.

" Dam he's hot, "your sister said.

" Yeah he has is, "your mom replied.

He was wearing a blue suit and he had his hair jellied back.

He looked hot!

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