First Date

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Y/N P. O. V

You and Justin have been friends for a long while and you've never guess he liked you.

He has been nice to you but you were just guessing it was because you guys were friends.

You were happy to go with him though. He was nice, funny, cool and lets not forget hot oh my gosh he was smoking hot.

"Hurry up Brandy" you told your friend who was taking forever to do your hair.

"Don't rush me " she said then brushing your hair harshly.

" You don't have to pull it like that " you told her.

" If your hair wasn't so hard maybe I won't." she said then pulling it again.

She wasn't telling a lie your hair was really hard and you weren't planning on straightening it you liked it the way it was.

"I don't know why you don't straighten it? " Brandy asked after pulling another piece. I bet all the girls Justin's been with hair was soft.

" Well he's never been with a black girl " I said." Just comb my hair"I told Brandy.

She mumbled then put my hair into the most beautiful bun I've ever seen.

"Now was that so hard? "I asked her. She laughed and said" can't people be thankful."

" You know I love" I said then blowing her a kiss. My hair was finished but now I had to be dressed here's the bad part.

I told Brandy if she'd help me with my hair.I would wear what she wanted me to wear. I'm sure it's gonna be a dress.

"Tada! " she said then pulling the red dress from behind of her.I wasn't a fan of dresses. Yea, yea call me a tom boy but I was just gonna wear a pair of jeans and a shirt or something.

" Do I have to? "I asked Brandy hoping she would say no. Sadly she said" yes I did your hair made of steel so you better put it on. "

I sighed and put on the full red dress it fit perfectly with my cuvers. I still wasn't feeling it though.

I went for a box under my bed." Wait what the hell are those? "Brandy asked loudly as she watched me put them on.

" J's" I said putting the other shoe in the other foot." J's my feet" Brandy said sounding upset.

"No a Brandy it's J's on my feet" I said then laughing.

'Ding '"who is it! "I shouted from upstairs ." Justin "the person at the door replied." I'm coming" I said trying to reach down the stairs.

"It's ok honey I got it" my dad said.

I hurried down the stairs but by this time my dad had already reached.

"Goodnight " Justin said. "Goodnight young man" my dad said then firmly shaking Justin's hand.

"Ok ok "I said then pushing my dad a side." These are for you Justin said handing me some beautiful flowers."

"Thank you . "You said taking the flowers out of Justin's hands.

" Didn't you bring any flowers for me. Don't you know it's respectful for you to bring for the girls father too."

"I'm um I didn't. "Justin said fumbling to answer your father.

" Just kidding dude it was just a joke" your dad said playful hit Justin.

" Haha "Justin tried to laugh to the 'joke' your dad made but you could tell he was scared.

" Ok we most get going" you said waving your dad off.

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