Are You Drunk?

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You were waiting for Justin to come home so dam long.
Like what the hell?

You got tired of waiting and called Za you already called Justin and he didn't answer.

Phone Convo:

Za: Hi Y/N what's up

Y/N : Well I'm in my house all by myself and I don't know what's been taking my husband so long

Za: He's kind of tipsy so I'll take him home

Y/N : Ok thanks

I'm gonna kill Justin you thought.

10 minutes later

Knock, knock someone rapped on the door you were literally praying it was Za with Justin.

"Thank you," you said it was Za with Justin.

"It's ok "he said then left.

" Um moo-om-my can I go to- a be-d?"
Justin asked. This fool.

"I ain't your dam momma "you said.

" Yeah, you are pr-etty young can you be my girlfriend? "he asked.

" I'm your wife stupid" you said.

"O-h-h soo your wifey letsss have seeex" he said.

"Justin lets-" you got cut off when Justin kissed you. The kiss was rough and hungry but you kiss back. He then add his tongue for more pleasure.

"Soo wifey get your fine a$$ on your knees and g-i-i-ve daaaa-dy a blow job "Justin stuttered.

" I'm about to blow up your head if you don't get on up these stairs" you said.

"Ok ok up stairs" he said placing one of his foot up the stairs.

"Then blow job?" he asked.

Oh what the heck if it shuts him up.

"Yes Justin then anything you want" you said.

Did you give him his blow job?
Sorry I didn't update sooner. Hope you guys liked it. Um my book All I Need Is Love. I updated it if you don't know what that is check my account. Love y'all :-) :-) :-)

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