Age Ain't Nothing But A Number Part 4

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He can't be serious.

"Dad you're joking right? "you asked.

" FUCK NO! "he shouted threw the phone.

Y/B tried to plead with your dad but there was know use he just wasn't given in.

" By Y/B/N , "you said and you hugged him.

" You can't go Y/N, "he said. He had tears in his eyes. You can't just let Justin get arrested.

You ran back to Justin's house to discover him explaining the situation to Pattie.

Mom it she's just an age difference," he said you hid behind the wall and listened to what they were saying.

"Justin I just don't want you playing this girl or going to jail just be careful, "she said.

You decided to move from behind the wall. Pattie left.

" Um Justin, "you bearly got to say before he ran into your arms.

He lift you up in there then put you down and asked.

" What are you doing here, I mean you left so how did you get here? "

" Well my dad said if I come back then he's gonna report you so I to stay with you babe, "you said.

" Oh babe I'm so sorry, "he said.

" It's not your fault Justin, "you said "but I really don't know where I'm gonna go, you inqired.

" You can stay with me babe, "he said with a smile. You didn't even remember him, like staying by him.

" Justin can I have a call on your phone? "you asked. You wanted to call your bother so he could bring your clothes.

" Ok "he said and he handed you his phone. You dialed your brother's number.

Y/N =you and Y/B =your brother

Y/B = Hi Y/N.
Y/N = I called to ask you something -
Y/B = Is iy for you to come back home because you can.
Y/N =No silly I want you to bring my clothes.
Y/B = Ok I'll bring them.

9 minutes later

You and Justin were sitting on is couch.

"Baby why did you call your brother? "Justin asked.

" Just to bring my clothes, "you said.

" Is your dad coming? "he asked. He looked a little frightening.

" No I don't think so, "you replied. You really hope he doesn't come.

" Beep, beep" you heard a car park up in Justin's drive way.

"I think that's my brother, "you said. You got up from the couch and rqn outside.

You saw your brother and your mom and wait your dad. Your dad? Why is he here.

You walked towards them.

" Hi Y/N, "your brother greeted like it was nothing he brought the whole family here.

" Why did you bring everyone? "you asked.

"He didn't bring us I wanted to come," your mother said.

"Mom if you came to tell me I shouldn't be with Justin please don't,"you begged.

She looked at you with sad eyes and said" I didn't come for that, I love you babe I just want you to come home. "

" Mom if I come home daddy's gonna make Justin go to jail, "you said.

" He deserves to go to jail, Y/N he doesn't love you like you think he's just playing with you, "he said.

You felt hurt by the words he said. How could he say that but you weren't gonna cry.

" Daddy he loves me and if you could just give me my suitcase Y/B I'll be on my way, "you said.

He handed you your bag and you walked back. When you looked back you saw your brother in tears and your mom.

You'll miss them.

You walked to the house and saw the door slightly open. It seemed that two people were talking inside.

You stood back with your suitcase and listen to their conversation. You could tell ot was Justin and a girl, but who?

You decided to look inside because you couldn't hear anything they were saying the T. V. was up to loud.

You couldn't believe what you saw Justin and Hailey Baldwin hugging like what the fuck?

You ran back to your brothers car. You were basically running behind it because he was driving.

He stopped you told him what happened and he let you in.

On the ride home your mom curse Justin with every word in the book but your dad said nothing.

You reached home and ran into your room.

You saw you phone light up and you got a call from Justin.

Y=you and J=Justin

J= hi baby where are you?
Y=ask Selena
J=what no we're not together
Y= so why were you hugging?

You couldn't hear what he said because your dad popped into the room.

"Baby are you all right? "he asked.

You covered the speakers of your phone so Justin didn't hear your dad.

" Yeah dad," you said.

"You know I love you? "he asked.

" Yes daddy, "you said then you hugged him.

Y= Justin what were you saying?
J= well..............

Sorry I took so long. I hope you liked it love y'all.

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