Get Your Shots

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"Y/D/N please hurry up we'll be late," you said to your four year old daughter.

Today she has to get a shot.

She's totally not happy but you know you have to do this.

"Mommy I don't want a shot, "she said with tears streaming down her face.

" Baby it's gonna help you, you need to get it, "you said.

" Come on babe I missed out on a couple shots and look at me, "Justin said. You looked at him and just rolled your eyes.

" That explains a lot, "you said. He stuck his tongue out at you.

" So mommy if I get my shot I won't be like daddy? "your daughter asked.

" Well honey - "

" I want my shot, "she said and you smiled.

You were glad she was actually gonna get the shot that you, her and Justin got into the car and you forget to ask her why she now wants her shot.

" Why do you want your shot now baby? "you asked.

" Well I don't want to be like daddy, "she said and you laughed.

Justin like quite happy tho.

I know this one sucks but I tried.

Love y'all.

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