Age Ain't Nothing But A Number

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"Can I have a kiss baby?" Justin asked.

"No Justin I'm on the Internet" you said. You were checking your instagram feed.

"Please babe" he begged.

"No Justin I'm tryna see something" you said.

"Please, please "Justin consisted. You didn't want him to keep begging you so you just crash your lips on his.

Your lips moved together and Justin of course took over the kiss.

You always loved Justin kisses but you guys only kiss you only went so far as made out.

You pulled away from the kiss and went back to your instagram feed.

"Justin who is this? "you asked pointing to a picture of some model on your screen.

" Oh that's just a friend why is it that every girl I take a picture with someone thinks its my girlfriend? "Justin asked.

" Oh babe I wish you could take a picture with me so everyone would know we're together "you pouted.

You guys couldn't do that because of the age difference, you are 16 and he's 21.

The media would be on his back and your dad and brothers would kill him.

" Hi we can take a pic" he said. You got up off of his lap and took the picture.

You checked your instagram to see the pic he caption it : every girl I take a pic with is my girlfriend, she's my only girlfriend.

You smiled at the caption but knew people would not take it literally.

"Ding dong" your phone alarmed time for me to go you said.

"Bye Y/N" Justin said.

"Bye baby" you said then you gave him a peck on the cheek and left.

Damm daddy's gonna kill me you taught it was 11:30 p.m. You were supposed to be home by 10:00.

................... At Home..................

"Y/N WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU? "you dad's voice roared.

" With my friend" you said.

"Which one? "he asked.

" Y/B/F/N" you lied.

"Oh really because I called her and she said YOU WEREN'T THERE!!! "he screamed.


" Um did I say Y/B/F/N I meant - " you were about to say your other friends name.

Your dad screamed "I DON'T WANT TO HERE IT GO TO YOUR ROOM."

You were so glad he didn't ask you where you really were and you quickly ran to your room.

You took out your phone and text Justin : hi Justin can you come by me xoxo.

Justin : yeah I'll be there soon.

Justin of course had to take the window if he ever walk through the door your dad would pimp slap him.
11 minutes later

You heard loud knocking on the window is this fool stupid.

You looked out the window and whisper/yell Justin "stop knocking on my dam window so loud."

"Sorry babe" he said then you helped him come into your room.

5 minutes later

You and Justin talked about random stuff that were on your minds, everything was going good until....

Justin leaned and kiss then.

"Y/N WHAT THE FUCK" you heard an angry voice that sound like your dad but it wasn't, it was Y/O/B even worse.

"Um Y/O/B/N this is not what it looks like "you said pulling away from Justin the look on his face look like he wanted to run.

" Paps! "he shouted." No no don't call him" you begged.

"What is it -  "

" Y/N what the fuck? "he asked.

" Daddy it's nothing "you said.

" It's nothing what is this lil white boy doing here? "he asked.

" Well dad -" you were interrupted by your brother.

"He was kissing her" he informed.

"WHAT THE FUCK, GET YOUR NASTY WHITE ASS OUT OFF HERE!! "he shouted his words must Justin because it really hurt you.

" Daddy it's not a big deal" you said.

"Why not? "he asked.

" Well because he's my boyfriend and age ain't nothing but a number" you said proudly.

"What the fuck you saying he's 20 fucking 1 and your 16. "

" I'm sorry Mr. Y/D/L/N but I love your daughter" Justin said. That made you feel good.

You're brother was about to hit him but your dad held him back.

"Get the fuck out of my house and if you ever touch my daughter again I'll tell the media" he said.

Why daddy?

Why daddy poor J. B.
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