Valentines Day

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You seat your alarm clock for 5:30. You wanted to wake up early for Valentines Day.

It was gonna be your first with your husband Justin.

'Dinggg' your alarm went off.

"Baby "you called. You heard no answer.

Where is Justin you thought. He can't be gone now's Valentines not escape day.

You got out of bed to look for him.

"Justin" you called. You went into the bathroom.

They were rose petals everwhere. Ohh my gosh you thought to yourself.

Then you looked at the tub it was all bubbled up and petals were in it too.

You stripped and went into the tub. It was some soothing.

It also smelt amazing. You look on your left and saw a note on the wall.

It read baby: Happy Valentines Y/N but I had to go to with the guys.

Oh helllll no, why on earth would this fool leave to go with his damm friends on Valentines Day.

What kind of husband is he?  You got so upset you finished taking your bath and went out.

You went to the bedroom to change. Then you walked down stairs to have breakfast.

You were in the kitchen and saw a note on the counter. Baby I just wish I could be here with you . You rolled eyes and said.

"If you wanted to be here then you should have stayed." You continued reading and it said but I left something out in the backyard for you.

You wondered what it was and if you should even go outside.?

Nevertheless you went outside to witness the most beautiful thing you could have taught of.

There were chairs and flowers and a table. It was as beautiful as the ones at your wedding.

Wait they looked like the ones at your wedding. He was trying to re-create your wedding night.

It was amazing but what would make it more amazing would be Justin.

You picked up one of the rose and smelt it. The rose read look up baby.

You looked up and saw Justin sitting on a bunch of rocks outside.

"Baby" you said running into his arms.

"How did you come back so quick?"you asked.

"Well Y/N I didn't go anywhere. "He said with a huge smile on his face.

" Did you really thought I would miss our first Valentines Day. "

You shock your head in response.

" Baby lets eat "Justin said.

He tooked the sliver cover off the plates it was lasagna.

" I made it" he said.

"Well now I'm afraid to eat it" you said just joking around.

You took a bite of it, it was amazing.

"Hi Y/N I'm happy that I got to spend Valentines Day with you. "

" I'm glad you're my Valentines." You told him.

And then you guys started kissing.

"I love you. "You said.

" I love you more" he said.

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