Kieran Alleyne Is Sexy

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You were sitting down in the living room watching T. V.
You were just going threw the channels because nothing good was on.

Then you see this sexy little skin boy. I wonder if he's single you thought.

But you have Justin and he probably got somebody too. But he is fine.

It came to the end of the song when they show the name, but you were to busy drooling so the name went.

You sucked your teeth and typed in the name of the song or what you thought the song was.

You bit the inside of your cheek waiting to see the name.

"Babe can you help me with this? "Justin asked. He was holding something in his hand it looked like the eye drop.

" Justin help yourself I'm doing something, "you said.

He came on the couch and sat next to you.

" You can't help your husband, "he asked." What are you even doing, "he said grabbing your phone from you.

" Who is he? "he asked talking about the pictures of Kieran.

" Just a guy, "I said. He looked at you strangely.

" Justin I'm not into him, "you said.

" I didn't even think so, "he said" he looks like he cries when he cums, "Justin added.

" Justin some one commented that he looks like a black Justin Bieber,"you said.

Check out Kieran Alleyne. He's a sexy singer he sounds as good as he looks. Don't listen to people he's no Chris Brown wanna be. He's just fly and he stole their girlfriends. And they want him and he doesn't want them. Check him out and tell me how you feel. Look for his song be around.

Love y'all. Like really.

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