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"Mama can you pass my phone?" you asked your mom.

"Ok but you're always on that thing I wander what you're doing? "she asked.

" I have to see what Justin's doing" you told her.

"That lil white boy ain't no body got time for him" she said.

"Um but ma, please passed the phone" you begged.

She grabbed the phone from the dinning table and hand it to you. You scrolled through your instagram feed and saw a picture of Justin and Kendall Jenner or whatever her name is.

What the wahh you thought.

"Mom can you believe Justin and Kendall are in the same picture she's touching my man "you said.

" Who's her man? "your big brother asked.

" Justin"  Y/Y/B said you didn't see them enter the room.

"Ain't no body care bout that lil white boy" Y/O/B said.

"Oh me I care he's my future husband" you said.

"Who's your future husband? "your dad asked, wait is this a family barbecue or Thanksgiving why's everyone here.

" Justin" Your mom said.

"Oh that lil white boy? "he asked.

" Daddy "you sighed. You heard your notification tone.

Oh my gosh Justin just followed me.

You screen shot the photo and placed it in your feed caption : #LilWhiteBoy.

I know suckish I tried #LilWhiteBoy we love you J. B.

Hope you guys liked it. Please vote love y'all as you can see I'm in need of some requests. :-) :-) :-)

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