March Masquerade (His Birthday)

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Justin P.O.V

Today's my birthday . I'm sure gonna party like it.

I'm having my party at a club tonight one of the best clubs in L.A Lure .

I'm getting everything. And I want everything to go right even up to my cake.

"You have to look amazing "Khalil told me.

"Yeah so I should go naked" I told him while laughing.

"No no" all the guys in the room screamed.

"Ain't no one wanna see your small dick" Za said.

"Um small Jerry is not small just asked your girlfriend."

"Ohhh ''all the other guys said placing there hand on there mouth with the you just got dis face.

"She wasn't my girlfriend , she was a stripper "he knew who I was talking about I would always bring it up.

"You inviting Selena? "Za asked.

"No fool" Twist said.

'Dongg 'the door bell rang.

"Twist get your brother" I said telling Twist to make his brother act like he have sense.

"Happy Birthday ! "the two boys at the door screamed .

It was Chaz and Ryan .

"I thought you guys would never come "I said leading them into .

They sat down then greeted the other guys in the house.

"Ok J.B what's the theme of your party?" Khalil asked.

"Um March Masquerade" I informed him . I just don't understand how he didn't know I kept telling him the whole of last week.

"So Jay no Selena "Za asked.

"Actually I invited her , you know how she act she would  probably asked anyway and I won't want her to sing another song about me." I said them bursting out in laughter.

5 minutes after .

                                                               At the Club

I hopped out of my car . Looking fly as hell .

I didn't see any cameras lucky . I told the manger of the club no cameras .

So that means no one tells the paparazzi.

I walked into the club and show beautiful lights and everyone was wearing masks.

My friends were there and my friends , friends were there .

Ohh and the babes don't forget the babes .

"Justin let's have a seat" Khalil said we went to the top .

Yeah the top we had our own little V.I.P place up there.

We finally reached the top I thought I'd never reach people keep stopping me to wish me happy birthday but I don't blame them it's I'm Justin Bieber.

"J.B you're finally 21 "Twist said .

"Yeah I guess" I said with a big smile on my face .

"And there's more than 21 beautiful ladies at your party "Za said .

"Hi I'm Twenty one it's time to make a change "I said.

"So no girls" Khalil asked .

"No of curse I'm gonna get some girls but only two every mouth ."

"Really Justin "Ryan asked Ryan always wants me to settle down him and Khalil.

"Guys it's an upgrade" Za said.

"Thank you "I said to Za then I got up.

"Time for me to go and dance "I announced.

"Just don't do the nae nae "Twist said and all of them laugh .

"Haha" I mocked them then head to the dance floor.

I walked back and looked at the ladies on the dance floor I ask for everyone to be  wearing masks .

And for everyone's masked to be any colour except purple.

I made my eyes wonder around the dance floor .

I saw a girl with a purple mask on .

I wonder who is she I thought to myself .

She was with two other girls one had purple hair and one had blue.

I placed my mask on my face and then walked up to her .

"Wanna dance?" I asked .

"Sure that's way I'm on the dance floor "said then laughing to her friends.

"I mean do you wanna dance  with me ."

"Sure "she said then me and her keep dancing she's an amazing dance  .

Turns out she likes my hair and by hands they were all over her body.

'Buzz 'her phone vibrated in her pocket.

"Ohh my gosh I have to go" she said.

"I didn't get your name" I said.

"Um a -"Miss Star"  her friends yelled .

"I really have to go bye ."

I turned around with a sad face heading back to my friends.

I saw her running back to me put some dude was holding her in the crowd.

"Come with me baby" he said . I ran through the crowd and punshed the dude. I saw a bright flash some took a picture.

"Are you OK?" I asked .

"Yeah "she said "I just want to give you my number."

She handed the piece of paper to me .

I was about to thank when her friend called again.

"I'm coming "she screamed .

"Bye "she said then ran off.

Miss star where have I heard that name before.

Then suddenly some drunk dude vomitt on half of the paper.

"Fuck" I cursed.

I know its been a long time.Happy birthday J.B please vote live y'all :-) :-) :-)

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