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Ok today was a busy day for me so y'all will only be getting one preference and tomorrow will be kinda busy. I updated my book Learning how to love so check it out babies.

Tapeout - cut around leaving some in the middle. Basically everything lightskin boy's hair style now.

"Her hair looks amazing babe, "Justin said. You were doing his sisters hair.

" Can you do my next, "Za asked. You were just gonna twist them.

" Yeah me next, "Twist said.

" I want corn rows, "Justin said.

You guys started to laugh is he dumb.

You told Twist to sit on the floor and started to twist his hair. (you know like August's hair in no love)

" Ok you can twist my hair like that, "Justin asked. What is wrong with this boy.

" Why do you want your hair twisted. It looks good that way, "you said.

" But I wanna look like a gangsta, "he said crossing his arms.

" Ok ok Justin I'll twist them. After that tape it out , "you said.

" Yeah, "he said. As if!

Oh Justin I'm gonna do your hair not proform a miracle. Love y'all.

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