You Pay No Attention Part 2

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Narrator's P. O. V.

Y/N called the police and they were questioning the little girl.

Y/N was upset because dam they were cutting into her working time.

"So Mr. and Mrs. Bieber we are going to look for her parents and arrest her but we'll have to keep her at an adoption agency, "he explained.

Y/N nod and said," okay. "But Justin didn't want that to happen he actually wanted the kid.

" Y/N I think we should keep her, "Justin said. Y/N couldn't believe the crap that Justin was saying.

" Justin we can't handle a kid, "Y/N said. Justin knows their capable of doing it it's a kid how hard could they be.

" Come on I mean look at her. Who wouldn't want her? "Justin asked.

Both Justin and the little girl put up the puppy dog face with a cute pouty lips.

" Okay we'll take her but we can't adopt her. We'll just take her until child services open on Monday, "Y/N said.

" Okay I'll tell the cops." Justin was talking with the officer and Y/N actually tried to talk to the little girl.

"What's your name? "she asked.

" Destiny the little girl, "she said.

" Okay Destiny you're coming with us for a while. But there's gonna be rules, "Y/N said.


Y/N of course went to work late today and she was pissed. Justin didn't go to work because he stayed with Destiny.

" Y/N can I talk to you? "Justin asked. She was busy catching up on some files but she told Justin yes.

" Okay I think you could take Destiny tomorrow, "he said.

Y/N thinks Justin must be high. He's not taking no thumbing sucking, diper wearing kid.

" Justin I have work tomorrow and you're the one that wanted the kid, "she said.

Justin thought that if they had a kid it would bring them closer. But he was seeing that was gonna be hard.

" So you can take her with you she's not much trouble, "he said. Y/N really don't like kids but she also really don't like Justin talking when she's doing work.

" Okay I'll take her but you have to take her to sleep, "she said.

Next Day

Justin didn't see Y/N in the bedroom and he walked in the living room and saw her on her laptop.

" How was your sleep? "he asked.
" Wonderful, "she said. She didn't like Justin asking dumb questions.

" Hah, "a cute yawn was let by a even cuter little girl.

" Hi Destiny, "Justin said.

" Hi Daddy, "she replied she sat down at the table.

" Mommy are we gonna ask breakfast? "she asked.

" Yeah you're daddy's gonna cook it, "Y/N said. Justin rolled his eyes his last cooking experience didn't go good.

" But my old mommy used to always cook, "Destiny said.

" Your old mommy. You mean the person that told you to stand in front of a car. Girl please, "Y/N said.

Justin saw that Destiny was about to cry and he argued with her.

" Why would you say that? "he asked. She sucked her teeth.

" I can't just let her come in my house and tell me what to do, "Y/N said he saw that Destiny was looking at him so he pulled Y/N to the side closer to the stove and talked to her there.

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