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You wanted to open your expectation letter in front of Justin . You guys both wanted to know if you got to go to C/O/Y/C.

Yeah you two applied to the same college.

You heard a knock on your door and your were hoping it was Justin .

You rush down the stairs and opened the door and saw Justin .

"You got your letter you asked and he nod his head.

"Okay let's open it on three he said,1,2,3 "and he opened it.

I got in Justin said. You didn't open yours yet because you were nervous.

" Open yours babe, " Justin said. You didn't know you were just nervous.

"1,2,3 Ahhh I got in!" you screamed.

He hugged you. I'm so happy.

Yeah. I'm in college now :(. I'm said because I have to leave you until summer.

College baby. Yeah my stepfather used to go to the same and he said I'm totally gonna fit in. Nooo.

I really will miss you guys but this will not be the last one. I promise.

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