Delivery Update

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"Jasmine pick your toys up," I said to my three year old daughter .

She always just drops stuff all over the place. That's Justin's fault he totally spoiled her.

"Sierra come baby stop writing on the walls, "she writes everywhere.

You needed to just take a small nap so you shut your eyes for a while.

4 minutes later.

You couldn't find your babies anywhere you were about to cry.

You felt like a terrible mother. How could you loose kids?

You then heard cute baby noises from the kitchen.

You looked all over and didn't see your babies. You were going to wake Justin up but you didn't know where that fool was either.

You looked all over in the kitchen. Them heard loud sounds from the cabinet.

You crunched down and opened it to see your kids.

"What are you guys doing here? "you asked taking then out.

Then you felt arms on your shoulder.

" We were playing hide and seek, "Justin said.

Dam idiot.

Okay love y'all.

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