He's My Man

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You and Justin were at the club.
You were having a good time doing your thing.

When Justin asked "um baby do you want something to drink?"

"Yeah sure babe" you said. You went and sat down on the white couch the provided in the V. I. P section.

8 minutes later

You kept wondering what was taking Justin so long?

You decided not to wait on him and to just get up and look for him.

You saw him with two girls. He looked like a prison between the two of them.

"Baby who the hell are they? "you asked/shouted.

" Um is this your mom? "one of the girls asked. Bitch said what?

" Ah - " Justin was gonna continue until you cut him off. "Hash Justin I can deal with these bitch, I'm his wife" you said pissed.

"Oh his wife, I thought you were his grandma "the other girl said, she was exposing her breast said. She made your blood boil.

" Now bitch you look like a fucking goblin and I'm about to punch you and let you look pretty if you don't lay up off my man!! " you shouted.

" Babe- "Justin got interrupted again by the other girl who was wearing a short skirt. " Justin wouldn't want a ugly bitch like you" she said.

" Um hoe why don't you just asked him? "

" I - " Justin got interrupted again.

"Well you think your all that mother fucker" one of the girl said.

You swang your hand straight to her nose. You saw blood on your knuckles but that bitch deserves it.

You grabbed the other girls hair and clash their heads together. "Stop, stop" Justin said pulling you away from them.

They were out of your grip and they ran away like the little bitches they are.

Justin turned to you and said" babe you don't - " he was interrupted when the D. J said "some young ladies would like to request a dance battle."

" Wait Justin I wanna hear this" you said.

You saw the two girls that you just beat up next to the D. J.

"We will would like to challenge that girl right there" they said pointing to you.

"Ohh you don't"you shouted. Justin looked at you like if you're crazy.

"Is someone scared? "one of them asked in the microphone.

" No bitch but you should be you!!" shouted back.

They walked towards the dance floor and the music started playing.

These bitches can't even dance. The bitches stop dancing and you came in thr circle and did your thing.

Shaking your money maker the crowd started cheer. You didn't even know the song and you turned up.

"Oh ok we have a winner" the D. J said holding up your hand.

"Bye bitches! "you shouted as the girls left.

You walked back over to Justin.

" Ok Justin baby what did you want to tell me? "you asked.

" Nothing it's not important but can you show me that dance again when we go home? "he asked.

" Sure baby" you said with a smile.

"Oh let's take a picture. "You took the and post it on Twitter.

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