First Time *dirty*

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You and Justin just got married. Your finish all the I dos and now you're heading to your hotel room.

You just opened your hotel room with the key and before you could do anything Justin crashed his lips on yours.

The kiss was filled with passion.

He sticked his tongue down your throat forcefully.

Your tongues kept fighting but of course Justin won.

You fell on the bed and got a short moment to breath. And almost immediately after Justin attached his lips to yours again.

Then he left your lips and started sucking on your neck.

"Justin "you moaned.

" Yes Y/N "Justin moaned.

His hands were travelling all over your body.

Then they touched your inner thighs.

You gasped. And that touch it kind of snapped you back into reality.

This is going to be your first time with Justin, wait first time with anyone.

You were still a virgin and tonight was the night you weren't going to be.

"Baby do you think I should put some music on? "Justin asked.

" Yes "you said. You were so glad he wasn't gonna be by you for a minute so you could have time to think.

" What song? "Justin asked." PYD" you said.

He started playing the song :
I'mma put you down
Down (PYD, PYD, PYD)
I'mma put you down (PYD, PYD, PYD)
All the way down (whoa)

[Justin Bieber:]
From the door to the wall
Coffee table, girl, get ready
I'mma put you down (PYD PYD PYD)
All the way down (PYD PYD PYD)
From the stove to the counter top
Dining room table, are you ready?
I'mma put you down

Justin put you on his lap and started singing the rest to you in your eye:

Up the stairs to my bedroom,
Light a few candles, prepare yourself
I'mma put you down (PYD PYD PYD)
All the way down (PYD PYD PYD)
On a plane, a  train automobile baby I'm you down.

Then he started sucking on your neck.  While the other parts just play then he whispers in your ear" I'mma put you down. "

You pulled away with tears in your eyes. And said" Justin I'm still a virgin. "

Yea of course I'm gonna make a part two but I'm not that could with dirty ones. I just decided to cone out of my comfort zone so I'll take requests that are dirty to haha yeah I'll make it happen:) :) :) :). Thanks for the reads.

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