Your Daughter Wants To Know How Babies Are Made

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You on the couch with Justin on your lap. You two were waiting for  your four year old daughter to come home.

It was her first day of preschool. You missed her so much well not more than Justin cause he couldn't shut up about her.

"Daddy mommy" you heard a voice yell.

It was Y/D/N she was with uncle Ryan.

You and Justin ran to her.

"Say bye to uncle Ryan "you said.

" Bye uncle Ryan" she said.

"Bye Y/D/N "Ryan said.

" Um Justin I think she might wanna ask you guys an important question" Ryan said.

"Ok "Justin said.

What important question could a four year old want to asked?

Ryan left and Justin gave him his  fear well then came to your daughter.

" Daddy, daddy" she said.

" I need to asked you a question" she said jumping up and down.

"What is it baby? "Justin asked.

" I want to know how babies are made" she said.

"Well that's a question for your mother" he said.

"Um who? "you asked. You were not prepared to tell your innocent angel about sex.

" Well I'm not feeling well so I'm just gonna go "Justin said trying to get out of the room.

" Ohh no you ain't you sitting here and telling our daughter how babies are made" you said sternly.

"Ok "he said walking back.

" You go first" Justin said.

"Ok Y/D/N when two people love each other and are married they do this thing called sex-" you got cut off when Justin screamed/whispered to you.

"You're not telling my daughter about sex. "

" Well I have to tell her the truth "you whispered to Justin.

" She doesn't need to know about sex" he said.

"So your saying I should lie, Justin be realistic she will find out and probably you know do it "you said the last part very soft.

" Um no she doesn't have too and I'll kill the dick who ever touches her" he said a little louder.

"Um be quiet she might hear you" you said to him.

"So mommy babies are made when you have sex? "she asked.

" Yes "you replied then Justin glared at you.

" When can I have sex? "she asked.

" Never "Justin said.

Don't we love Daddy Bieber he's so wow. I love you guys for real thanks for voting. I'm gonna make a part to March Masquerade ok judt working on it Miss Star is T. I's step daughter and he's the paps in the story.

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