He's Blind

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"Justin, "you said coming out of the shower.

" Yeah babe, "he said although he couldn't see your face he knew your voice.

" We're going to your mom's house today, "you said. He loves visiting his mom but you don't.

She keeps saying you're only with him for his money. Like what the hell? You work and your love for Justin could never be bought.

Okay I like Pattie so he's mom's name here is Brittany.

You and Justin reached at his mom's house and you were sitting at the table uncomfortably.

"So Y/N how have you been robbing? "my son Brittany that bitch asked.

" I haven't been robbing your son I make my own money, "you said.

" So why are you with him then? "she asked.

You just glared at her you told her this like a million times.

" Brittany stop, "Jeremy said.

She paid him no mind.

" I just don't want my son with the wrong girl, "she said.

Wrong girl?

" Mom stop please, "Justin said. He was about to get up but you held him back. And you know he thought he was looking at his mom but he was looking at the cat.

Justin baby you're mine so I have to be your eyes for you," she said.

If you wanted money you wouldn't have been with Justin. Do you know how hard it is taking care of a blind person.

He always have to go places with you. Sometimes you can't go to work. Which cuts into your money. You have to look at everything before he eats it.

And you have to choose his clothes out and to have to listen to him being unhappy because he's blind.

You would never use him for money.

Love y'all.

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