Your Son Thinks He's Hot

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You were in the kitchen cleaning the counter when you heard a car engine.

You saw your 16 year old son and daughter walk through the door.
They're twins.

"Hi mama "Justin Jr. said kissing you on your cheek.

" Hi baby" you replied.

"Hi mommy" Y/D/N said.

"Hi honey "you said.

" Where's daddy?" Y/D/N asked she's such a daddy's girl.

"He'll be coming in no time" you explained.

Then you heard a loud voice at the door.

"Hello people" Justin said.

"Hi paps" Justin Jr. and Y/D/N said.

"How was school? "he asked.

" Well all the girls think I'm hot" he said.

"Well is that so? "you asked.

" Yeah they all think I'm handsome, ohh they like my abs too" he said.

"How did they get to see your abs?" you asked curious, you did send him to school with a shirt.

"Because he took of his shirt" Y/D/N said.

"Why would he do that? "Justin asked.

" We were in gym so I just change my shirt in the gym and not in the bathroom and the girls went wild" he explained.

Justin high fived him and said" you the man. "

He's just like Justin taking off his shirt everywhere and thinking everyone loves him.

" Ain't no body like you" Y/D/N said.

"Yeah they do and I got they're numbers " he said.

"You took they're numbers? " you asked.

"No I give them mine "he said.

" All of them?" Justin asked.

"Yeah they all asked at the same time and I said it and they all took it" he said innocently.

"Ok "you said. Just like his daddy.

His phone then vibrated.

" What is it baby?" you asked.

"It's a text from Janelle, Shaniqua, Shakira, Abby, Sarah and Jessica" he said.

"Baby you can text them back but don't play any of those girls" you said sternly.

"I won't "he said then he took his phone and went to his room.

" He's just like you Justin" you said.

"Yeah we're both hot. "

Sorry I took so long. Love y'all isn't mini Bieber hot 8-) thanks for voting oh the  one on left is mini Bieber.

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