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Justin's Crazy

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"Where's my phone?" you asked and you fell on the ground.

You just got off a boat because it was your vacation and your feet were numb so yeah.

Your mom hand you you're phone while shaking her head.

"Y/N what's wrong? "she asked.

"I have to check my phone Justin maybe doing something, "you said.

She rolled her eyes and sighed. Baby girl why didn't check it on the boat she asked.

The boat was all rocky and stuff. You can't believe you didn't throw up on the boat.

" Mom I was afraid to breath in the boat. Let alone take out my phone and plus you were to far from me, "you said.

She left with you your phone and walked to the car.

" Hurry up! she shouted.

You stood outside struggling to get signal.

"Come in the car Y/N, "your dad shouted. You huffed and went in.

" Dad I had to do something, you said.

"What noisy? "Y/S asked.

" Well if you must know I got to check my husband's instagram feed, "you said.

" Husband? Why wasn't I at the wedding? "your dad asked.

" Dad it ain't her real husband it's just the cute white boy, "she said. See she liked him especially his abbs.

" I'm sure he didn't do nothing worth talking about, "your dad said.

You took out your phone still trying to get signal. Although your dad was driving.

You got the signal and saw a picture of Justin's butt.

" Why he got his flat ass showing? "your sister asked.

You wouldn't say it's flat. It's just small. It's bigger than some girls. He should of faced forward. It would look bigger.

" But nobody wanna see that. He should have showed Jerry, "your mom said. You can't believe she knows that.

" Who's Jerry? "your dad asked.

Oh father. I know it sucks. Tomorrow is one direction day. I also apologize for not updating. I went to Canada and didn't bring my phone and I really don't know my password so yeah.
My home girl sent me this picture.

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