Thug Baby

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"Mamma I want this one," your daughter said as you guys were looking around in the story. It was a shirt that said Thugin' With The Homies.

Of course you took it up for her she was gonna take a visit to your old neighbourhood.

You couldn't wait to see the guys.

"Is daddy coming? "she asked.

" Yeah baby he's going, "you said.

Justin finally made to the same store you guys were in, because he was to busy watching his post on the store nearby.

The guys were so gonna make fun of that.

" You guys ready?" he asked.

"No Y/D/N is just gonna change, "you said.

3 minutes later

Your little thug came out of the dressing room and you put her old clothes into a bag, paid for the clothes and left.

At your Hood

Before you came out of the car you saw the guys. When the car came to a stop you ran out.

"Hi guys, "you said.

" Hi Y/N," they replied.

"Who's this little cutie? "Alex asked.

" She's my daughter, "you said.

" Haha she ain't your daughter she cute, "John said laughing.

" That ain't funny, "you said.

" And she white, "Anthony said he's always talking his dumb ass.

" Well I'm her father so.. "Justin said awkwardly.

" Oh I know you the poster boy, "August said. You didn't call him August you called him light skin.

" Oh I know the one that did this, "Alex said getting into the position.

You guys started to laughing because he did it funny.

" Stop laughing at my daddy, "Y/D/N said.

" Is the lil thug gonna hurt us? "light skin asked.

" You keep talking bout my Paps I might kick you in your head, "she said with her heading moving and everything.

" Baby, baby baby nooo, "John said and you couldn't help but laugh.

" Y'all leave her alone, "you said.

" Ok but I'm a give her a nick name, "Alex said putting his hand on his chin in a thinking position.

" I got it Thug Baby."

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