You Pay No Attention Part 4

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Y/N has been hanging around with Justin and Destiny more.

She has even been having sex more.

Justin loves that they were hanging out. They love Destiny a lot.

Y/N thinks she can handle a child and best of all she thinks she can handle Destiny.

"Justin what would you think if we took Destiny? "Y/N asked. He smiled.

" That would be good she's an amazing kid, "Justin said.

Justin always wanted a child. He loves that Y/N wants to take Destiny.

" Let's make it a surprise, Justin said.

"Yeah" Y/N replied.

Destiny's P. O. V.

Your times up. I read the letter.

I'll miss this family.

I stood in the door way watching them. I knocked on the door hesitating should I go in.

Before I knocked daddy came out.

"Oh hey baby, "he said.

I giggled" I think you heard us, "he said. I didn't hear them but I want to know what he said.

" Yes I did, "I said.

" Well I hope you're happy that were taking you, "he said.

They want me but I have to go.

" Daddy I can't say, "I said. He looked at me confused.

Mommy came out smiling.

" They said we could keep her, "she said.

" I don't think so she says she has to go, "Justin said.

Narrator's P. O. V.

Y/N was confused at why Destiny was leaving.

" Why are you leaving? "Y/N asked.

" I was sent for you guys. My times up, "Destiny said. And just like that she was gone.

Two months later.

Yeah you guessed it Y/N's pregnant and she focus more on her family than her career.

Justin and Y /N will never forget about Destiny.

Okay horrible sorry.

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