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"Babe it's simple, "Justin said.

" You said you wanted to play a sport not golf. "

" I don't want to play golf Justin 0I don't know how you play it," you said. You know you had to hit the ball in some hole or something.

"It's so easy babe," he said.

He took up the stick thing from the bag stuff and crunch down.

While he was concentrating whatever you smacked his butt.

"What do was that for?" he asked.

"For letting me play this dumb game," you said.

"It's not dumb and it's your turn," he said passing you the thing stick. Whatever he was holding.

You positioned yourself and was about to hit the ball when you felt a sting on your ass.

"Justin what the hell ?"you asked.

"Payback," he said with a smirk.

"Let me help you," he said he placed his hands with yours and you hit the ball into the hole.

"Aha I got a two pointer," you said.

Justin just laughed.

I really no nothing about golf. I'm a basketball, cricket, soccer, boxing, hockey(if I knew how to skate) girl. Love y'all tomorrow is Learning How To Love day so all of you that read that book. I will be updating like crazy and if you haven't read it check ot out.

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