Wanna See Jerry

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You were at home with Justin you just woke up and started cooking.

"Justin baby what you want for breakfast? "you asked.

" Um something that tastes good! "he shouted from the bathroom.

Ok you just made eggs, bacon and french toast.

" Baby when are you coming out of the shower? "you asked Justin.

" Soon babe what did you miss me?" he asked.

"Nah I just wanted to know" you said.
"I'm coming anyways "he said. He came out the shower with a white towel rapped around his torso.

You bit down on your lip real hard looking at his wonderful abs." Baby stop watching "Justin said.

" My eyes, and I wasn't watching your ugly ass" you said.

"I'm not ugly" he pouted. "I know Justin" you said lightly hitting his abs. You only hit him so you could touch it.

Um you only did that so you could touch me" he said.

He walked over to the table. "Baby why don't you take the towel off, I mean cha-" you got cut off by Justin.

"Oh you wanna see Jerry? "he asked.

" Well Jerry Springer isn't on yet but I love Murray too "you said. You know hr was talking about he's member and not the show but you just wanted to tease him.

" You know what I mean" he said." No" you said. He took off his towel and preceded to his seat. And by the way he wasn't wearing clothes.

"Justin get up off of that chair with your dick hang out! "you shouted.

" But babe I'm hon- I mean hungry now" he said. You mean it when you say you feel like you got married to a hungry pron star.

"Justin put your clothes on" you sternly said." Oh can I just put the towel back on? "he asked.

" Ok whatever just put it on" you said he placed the towel back on his torso.

You two went to the table and sat. "Um baby I think Jerry got a little excited" Justin said pointing to his fully sprung member.

Ohh Justin don't be nasty, but it's kind of cute. Not? Yeah? Whatever?
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