Birthday Sex

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Today's my bday soooooo. Yeah I decided to be nasty. Don't hate it's my day.

You walked into your house after going shopping with your husband.

To a loud" surprise! "from a large crowd of your friends and family.

" Oh my gosh guys this is amazing," you said you were surroundee by lovely party suff.

The room was well decorated.

You told Justin you didn't want a huge party but he made it huge anyway.

You walked to the dance floor and started dancing with Justin.

"Babe do you like the party? "he asked.

" Yeah babe I love it, nothing could make it better, "you said until...

Birthday sex came on.
Yeah... (yeah...) yeah...
It's your birthday so I know you want to ride out
Even if we only go to my house
Sip more weezy as we sit upon my couch
Feels good but I know you want to cry out....

You say you want passion (I think you found it)
Get ready for action (don't be astounded)
We switching positions (you feel surrounded)
Just tell me where you want your gift girl..

" I know what can make it better, "he whispered in my ear. You felt shivers down your spine.

He swiftly got you out of the crowd and to the bedroom.

And before you could shut the door Justin attached your lips. You two little innocent kiss turned into a heated make out session.

You then fell on the bed every went im slow motion.

He took off your clothes and you took his off. Baby I'm gonna make this a birthday to remember he said against your skin.

He then left little soft kisses on your neck.

"Mmm" you moaned. You weren't in for the foreplay today was your birthday.

He took of your panties and you just screamed Justin "let's just fuck ."
Girl you know III [x2]
I've been feening
Woke up in the late night been dreaming about your loving
Girl you know III [x2]
Don't need candles and cake
Just need your body to make good...

"Whatever the birthday girl wants," he said.

He took of his boxers and position Jerry at your entrance and teasingly tapped it on your entrance.

"Justin just-" you got cut off as he thrust he's full length inside of you.

"Faster Justin faster, "you moaned.

" Your so tight baby, "he moaned.

He kept thrusting rapidly in your womanhood this was the best sex ever. You kept screaming faster, hader and deeper and he of course granted your wishes.

Birthday sex [x2] (it's the best day of the year girl)
Birthday sex [x2] (if hes not, he's not, lemme hit that g-spot, g-spot girl...)

" Oh fuck baby I'm almost there, "he said.

" Me too," you screamed.

After three hard thrust you both came together.

He flopped on the bed and you laid on his chest trailing your fingers on his well defined abbs.

"Best sex ever, "he said.

" Best birthday ever, "you countered.

Oh so you liked it so.........................
Round 2

Haha happy birthday to me. I love y'all. Thanks for all the votes.

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