You Pay No Attention Part 3

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Narrator's P. O. V.

Today's Justin day with Destiny and he's so excited.

Y/N's happy too. She doesn't have to be with her, but she will miss telling her shut up and she not listen. In a way Destiny kinda reminds her of a little her.

Y/N woke up and hopped off the bed. Justin and Destiny were still sleeping.

Y/N was up early because she usually wake up this sort a time.
But she's usually on her laptop but that's down the toilet and buying a new one doesn't make sense because all the old files were on that one.

She just walked into the kitchen and started making breakfast.

Destiny's noise was hit with an amazing aroma and she got out of her bed and ran to the kitchen.
Justin on the other end was in a wonderful dream. Or so he thought. He knew he was awake when he could smell the food.

He walked outside and was completely shocked. He saw Y/N and Destiny at the stove.

Two surprising things are that Y/N's was cooking and Destiny was helping her.

"The food smell amazing in here, "Justin said and Y/N laughed.

If she's cooking now. Maybe Justin could get some.

Y/N fixed the plates with Destiny's help. They sat at the table and ate there food.


Destiny are you excited to come to work with me?" Justin asked.

"I don't know daddy do you do the same thing mommy do? "she asked crossing her arms. She wasn't really happy at mom's job.

" No it's better, "he said. Destiny hopes so.

Justin finally finished driving then parked. Open Destiny's door and he put his hand over her eyes.

" Okay baby this is were I work, "he said showing her the whole teddy bear factory.

" Ahhh, "she screamed. There weren't the small teddy beer's there were huge.

Destiny looked at Justin with her eyes fully lit up." Can I one? "she asked.

" Sure baby, "he said and she ran up and grabbed one of the teddy's that were finished.

Destiny walked up to one of the lady and put the shirt on the teddy.

" Can I help you? "she asked the lady and she smiled and said sure sweaty.

Justin smiled at how happy Destiny was she really likes his job.


" Wanna go for ice cream? "Justin asked and Destiny said yes.

Justin and her walked out the office to the ice cream polar dragging her teddy on the ground because it was too big.

They finally reached to the ice cream polar and Justin asked for there ice cream.

They sat down and ate it and Justin's friends join them.

"Wait dude that's the little brat-" Za stupidly blurt out but when Destiny glared at him he stopped.

"I mean innocent angle that your keeping for a couple days? "he asked.

" Yeah, "Justin replied.

" How do you know her? "Justin asked taking a bit at his cone. He didn't tell him about her.

" Well my wife was with yours and she told her about her, "he said.

" So what's this cutie's name? "Khalil asked.

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