He's Blind Part 2

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The dinner is going trouble.

Justin's talking to his mom quietly but she kept screaming.

"She's black what do you except? "she asked.

Okay you've been threw a lot of crap with this woman but this is too much.

" Listen I'm with Justin because I love him but if your gonna start the race thing I'm leaving, "you said.

You got up and Justin held your hand.

" I'm leaving too, "he said.

" No Justin you can't go with her she's just a gold digger. Every one in her race are gold diggers-"

"Stop Brittany, "Jeremy said.

" No do you remember that girl from high school? "she asked.

She hates you off of some dumb high school beef bitch please.

Okay it's short but I rushed it off. I have something to tell y'all.

Love y'all next Chapter.

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