You Pay No Attention

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I would like to stay that this will be in four parts. I promise, well maybe not after the other but four.

It was base on my dream.

Narrator's P. O. V.

Justin looked at Y/N as she sat by her lap top. Her eyes were glued to the screen her fingers typing away.

He walks up to her and places kisses on her neck. She shrugges him off.

"Justin I don't have time for this, "she said. See Y/N is a workaholic obsess with money. She has one mission and it's to make it to the top.

" Jerry got bigger, "Justin said with a sexual smirk.

" Justin I don't have time to waste, "Y/N said. She really doesn't get why he named his member. She also didn't believe it could get any bigger. It was Huge.

Justin pulled up a chair next to Y/N and just looked at her." When do you ever have time for us? "he asked.

" Justin not everyone's a millionaire like you so they could just slack off, "she said. She hated when Justin ask for' us time.'

She doesn't have time to waste because everyone knows time is money.

" But not everyone is my wife. I mean we never get any time together. It's like we're not connecting, "he said.

He looked annoyed and sad at Y/N because she didn't even spare him a glance.

She kept her eyes on the laptop screen and move her fingers rapidly across the keyboard.

" We're connecting now, "she said. Justin just sighed.

" Your connecting to the internet I'm not feeling any connection. You won't even look at me. She was sitting in one of those spinning chairs so he brought her chairs close to him and she growled.

"Justin just leave me alone, "she barked.

" Come on Y/N, "he said trailing little love kisses on her neck.

" Justin I have work to so," she said and he gave up.

"So when are we gonna have kids? "Justin asked. Justin knew he was asking a question that would have got him in the dog house. If they had a dog.

" When I'm sixty Justin, "she said and he just went to their room and pulled the cover over himself.


Justin's eyes peeled apart and he woke up to his wife on her phone.

" You still haven't gotten any sleep? "he asked. She just laughed.

" Justin I sleep with my eyes open and my fingers moving." She still don't understand how he makes more money than her.

"Okay, "he said. He hopped off the bed went to the bathroom did his hygiene thing then came to the kitchen.

Y/N was in the kitchen typing on her laptop with her cup of coffee by her side.

Justin looked at her strangely.

" Why are you drinking coffee? "Y/N and where's the breakfast he asked.

" Your arms are not broken and I'm doing something, "she said.

" You use to make breakfast all the time," Justin said.

Justin is really get Y/N nerves can't he make breakfast now.

But in Justin's defense Y/N hasn't been making breakfast since they're first anniversary.

Her job has all of her attention.

Justin attempted to make breakfast. Poor boy, he burnt the toast. Half cooked the sausages and he just threw the eggs away.

Although he was angry with Y/N he still made some for her. She so wasn't paying attention she eat the food didn't complain.

It was time for you and Justin to go to work so they hopped into the car.

Justin wanted them to go in one car so they could talk, but she didn't know how that was gonna work.

She was having a call with someone on her phone. Justin thought it would help if he took her phone out of her hand.

"Justin what the fuck? "Y/N asked. She was on a very important business call.

" Speaking about fuck. Why don't we do that anymore? "he asked. Y/N really can't take Justin. It's his way or the high way right?

" I have stuff to do. If you want sexual attention touch yourself, "Y/N cursed.

Justin just got completely pissed off.

" We don't even talk any more. This is the longest talk we have had in five years, "Justin screamed.

" Well I have a ahhh! "Y/N screamed.

Justin was about to hit a kid. He quickly stopped his car and you both ran out to see if the child was okay.

The little girl had long curly hair and the prettiest hazel eyes ever. You've have saw a cuter pair like that since Justin's.

Speaking of him. "Hello little girl where's your mommy?" he asked.

"Mama, "the little girl said running up to Y/N and hugging you.

" Excuse me honey but he asked were your mom is , "Y/N said slowly hoping that the child would understand.

" Ma, "she said to Y/N still. Y/N just sucked her teeth and allowed Justin to talk to the little girl.

" Okay where's your dad, "he asked. She then pointed and him and said" paps. "

Y/N thought this girl was crazy. She's calling complete strangers her parents.

" My old Ma and Paps ran away they said they no want me no more and I should stand in the road and wait for the next car, "the little angel looking girl said.

" Who the fuck are those psychos? "Y/N asked. That statement was completely evil.

Justin then looked at the little girl. Then looked at Y/N they look a like. They just had different eyes and sink color but other than that oh and her nose they looked different.

Her nose and eyes kinda looked like Justin. But she had caramel skin. It's as if she was made for them.

"I'm calling the police we need to report these people, "Y/N said but Justin told her to stop.

" Let's keep her, "he said.

" Justin that's not just crazy it's against the law, "Y/N explained.

" But what if we tell the cops we want to take her? "Justin asked.

Y/N just don't know.

This really just came to me. I know it's boring sorry.

Love y'all. It gets better.

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