His hands moved from your eyes. And once that happen, you gasped.

"AW!" You ran up to the bed, taking the small dog in arms. The dog began to lick you and you smiled. It was a (favorite breed of dog).

"It's so cute, Sal. Oh my gosh." You began to pet the dog, playing with it and talking in a small voice. You gasped once more as Sal sat near you on the bed.

"We gotta name it. Oh, wait." You picked up the dog, looking under it. "It's a she. Uhm,"

Sal chuckled at your action, rubbing the back of his neck.

"Sally!" You laughed. You patted the dogs head, leaning close to Sal, placing a kiss to his cheek. "You like it?"

"Well, do you like it?"

"No." You smirked, "I love it." You squeaked, causing Sal to roll his eyes.

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