Warning: oh look, another mature warning. and it's for murr again? 
i guess all these smut stories (+ smut based songs) are messing with my head x.x but i guess that means i gotta make it even, right?? lmao so the next updates will be themed
(ooo, the rare themed updates!!!)
and i mean i should do another titanic one because the anniversary is in a few days, but eh, unless you guys want it, i'll probably update it randomly lmao. because, honestly, i never just update on sunday. sigh


You were slammed against the wall. It was basically the only thing that caused the kiss to cease, but it was hardly a second later that your lips were locked in his. Your hands found the back of his neck as his roamed stomach and fondled your chest.

"Fuck." You hissed as Murr worked his lips on your neck.

"I'll get there soon." Murr muttered as his lips lowered towards your collarbone.

Thank God for tank tops.

Murr forcefully pushed his knee between your legs, and at that you gasped. You ran your hands down his neck to his back and held tightly to a mixture of shirt and skin.

"I'd probably fuck you here if I could."

"Why couldn't you?"

"Because someone might see."

You blinked, That wasn't Murr's voice.

"Or because someone was seeing now." Again, nor Murr's voice.

"Oh jeez, fuck!" Now that was Murr's voice

"Cover your eyes, Sal." Joe said and placed his hands over Sal's eyes. Sal swatted as his hands while fear was the only thing on your mind.

"How long have you guys been- been fucking standing there. Fuck!"

"We were here since you guys arrived. Thought you said it was movie night tonight." Joe crossed his arms.

"For me and (Name)! I never invited you, Joe! Do you ever listen?"

"I do! I mean all I heard was 'movie night' and 'fun times'. I was guessing we were pulling out the Pacman."

Murr leaned into you and groaned - but not sexually. He then looked up at you and smiled sadly, "You gonna kill me."

"Ah, on the contrary. Is Joe an option for murder?"

Murr rose his brows and then snorted.

"I heard that!" Joe called.


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