"Ow-" You winced, pulling your finger to your mouth. You had turned a page in your book and somehow managed to cut yourself.

Stupid papercuts.

Joe sat near you on the couch, glancing over at your curiously.

"You okay?"

"Ah, yeah. Just a paper cut-" You said with your finger in your mouth. You pulled it out, frowning as you glanced at the blood.

"Hold on." You watched as Joe got up and walked out the room. You blinked but placed your finger back in your mouth. He came back with a band-aid.

You laughed.

"Put out your finger." You did as you were told. The band-aid was placed on your cut, knowing it wouldn't help it out much but it felt like it was.


He leaned, giving a kiss to your finger. "For extra measures." he laughed.

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