You clung to Joe's arm. Right before you was the shining of the television, the only light source of the room. You bit your bottom lip, whimpering.

You somehow were talked into watching a scary movie by Joe - and of course inviting Murr, Sal, and Q. The three other guys were on the floor in their own sleepin pile. Murr was asleep, up against Sal - much to his discomfort - while Q was watching the movie with much interest.

You on the other hand were scared out your wits. Every once in a while you'd tighten your grip on Joe's shoulder.

You continued this until a certain scene.

As you thought the murderer of whatever movie you were watching had enough of torturing, you thought wrong. Your eyes widened in fear as you stopped gripping Joe's arm and just wrapped his arms fully around Joe. You whimpered louder, causing Joe to laugh.

"You okay?" He chuckled, looking at you with a confused face.

You shook your head, hiding your face into his chest.

He merely shook his head, placing a kiss on the top of your head.

"I'm not gonna let him get you."

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