How could this be a hard decision? You had known your neighbor ever since you moved in. You did admit, though, you rarely talked and when you did, oh boy, were you a stuttering fool!

So Joe it was!

You dialed his number and awaited with the dial tone.


"Is this Joe?"

"(Name)! So I assume you're free?"

"Why else would I be calling?" You laughed, hearing him laugh in return. "So what's this place you were talking about?"

"Oh, you'll see. Believe me, you'll love it."

"You better be right, Mr. Gatto."

"Ain't I always?" He gave a laugh, "I'll come by your place shortly. Be ready by then?"

"I'll sure try." And like that, you were saying your goodbyes. Of course he was the right decision. You knew him.


"Woah, Joe. I- This has to cost quite a bit." You looked around the fancy restaurant and where the two of you sat. This was such an exotic first date, you thought.

"Trust me, I can afford it. Plus, only the best for the best neighbor, eh?"

You gave him a cheeky smile and looked at the menu. Of course, all the dishes were strange names so in the end you just ended up ordering what you ordered.

"Are you secretly rich and hiding it or something?" You joked after you two ordered your evening meal.

"I'm not rich, trust me. I just save up for special occasions."

"This is a special occasion?"

"Why wouldn't it be." He leaned forward, looking awfully dashing in his outfit, "To be honest with ya, (Name), I've been crushing on you hard for the past couple months. At first I thought you didn't like me. You sorta, y'know, dodge me."

"What?" You paused. Oh, because you were so nervous around him. Let's just say hot men weren't your forte. "Oh, no no. I just felt like I'd make a fool around you. I always almost do."

"You're always cute to be around."

You flushed as you noticed the seriousness in his voice. Of course there was no hesitation that this was the best decision.


Fear not, human! For this is not the end of The Calling series. Yet honestly, I have no idea if you guys like this little mini series within this big series. I'unno, but I planned for one last part of this. What about, you may ask? Well, wouldn't you want to know how it'd be if these dates ended terribly? As if the decision wasn't entirely correct? Well, that's what I had in mind in part 23.
So stay tuned!

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